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2023 Cookie Program Activities

All GSNI Girl Scouts may participate in the Cookie Craver and Cookie Business Challenge individually. GSNI Girl Scouts may participate in the Gift of Caring Opportunity individually or as a troop.

Illustration Goal Getter Patch (1)

Cookie Craver
For Girl Scouts who want to keep working towards a cookie sales goal after Initial Sales, this opportunity is for you! Parents or volunteers may bring in a Cookie Craver submission form ONLY into a GSNI Council Cupboard from Thursday, February 23-Saturday, March 11, to receive cookies for additional customer orders. Payment is required at the time of submission/cookie pick-up.

Cookie Craver (additional details)
Cookie Craver order card
Cookie Craver Submission Form

Girl Scouts Cookie Captain Patch Illustrated (2)

Cookie Business Challenge
Girl Scouts can be a Cookie Entrepreneur and Captain by participating in the Cookie Business Challenge!
What is the Challenge? Girl Scouts are encouraged to visit businesses and ask them to purchase a case (12 packages) or more of cookies or make a Gift of Caring donation purchase of 12 packages or more. These can be sold during Initial Order phase or with cookies in hand during Booth phase of the Cookie Program. When the cookies are delivered by the Girl Scout, we encourage a picture be taken.
What does a Girl Scout earn? If a girl sells a case or more to three (3) or more businesses, she will earn the Cookie Captain patch. This patch is not calculated through eBudde™ and will be sent separately to Girl Scouts who earn.
What does the Business receive? Any business that purchases a case (12+ packages) of cookies from a GSNI Girl Scout will receive a window cling thanking them for supporting Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois and the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
How to receive patch and recognize business(es)? For girls to receive their patch and to ensure businesses are recognized appropriately, the Girl Scout/parent must complete the Cookie Business Challenge Submission Form by Monday, March 27.

Cookie Business Challenge (additional details)
Cookie Business Challenge Submission Form

Illustration Shoe Charm

Gift of Caring (GOC) Opportunity
As a way to encourage more troops and Girl Scouts to be involved in the distribution of donated cookies, GSNI is encouraging troops to deliver GOC/donated cookies. For troops that delivery GOC Cookies and complete the GOC Delivery Form by Monday, April 24, all Girl Scouts in the troop who sold donation cookies and/or participated in the delivery date will receive the NEW shoe charm!

Troops interested in picking up cookies to donate from council, email to make an appointment. Provide the GSNI Resource Center you want to pick up from and date/time. Appointments must be weekdays, during Resource Center hours from Wednesday, March 29-Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Gift of Caring Opportunity (additional information)
Gift of Caring Delivery Form