Action Teams & Task Force

Working Together

Action Teams & Task Forces

Belonging Team

Native American Task Force focus:

  • Ensure GSNI is honoring and not appropriating Native American culture
  • Form relationships with local Native American communities and agencies
  • Educate and inform Girl Scouts on Indigenous culture
  • Honor and disseminate GSNI’s Land Acknowledgement
  • Invite and create a welcoming environment for Indigenous families to join Girl Scouts

Native American Task Force flyer

LGBTQ+ Task Force focus:

  • Create a welcoming community and safe place for all Girl Scouts where they experience a true sense of belonging
  • Provide education, resources, and training for troop volunteers to create an inclusive welcoming environment.
  • Represent our Girl Scout members as fierce allies and advocates in our communities
  • Make the world a better and safer place by overcoming barriers and becoming leaders in our community and world.

LGBTQ+ Task Force flyer

Engaging Black Families Task Force focus:

  • Grow our adult membership among Black women so the girls can see themselves represented in leadership roles
  • Building awareness within the Black communities so adults see the value of Girl Scouts
  • Educating the Black community of the benefits/outcomes of actively participating in Girl Scouts
  • Increasing membership and engagement of girls in the Black communities within GSNI
  • Seeking diversity among our Board of Directors.

Engaging Black Families Task Force flyer

Community Engagement & Recruitment Task Force focus:

  • Authentically engage with communities to share the benefits of Girl Scouts
  • Increase visibility/involvement/advocacy of Girl Scouts in communities across GSNI
  • Develop and promote resources to recruit, engage, and support more adults in Girl Scouts
  • Develop and support partnerships with faith communities across GSNI
  • Build and support relationships with local schools and school districts

Community Engagement & Recruitment Task Force flyer