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2024 Cookie Program Rewards Voting

Girl Scouts VOTE NOW for 2024 Cookie Program rewards! Click here to complete the reward ballot by Monday, June 19, 2023.

Congratulations Top Entrepreneurs

Top Entrepreneur Girl Scouts
3,600 packages – Zoey C., Troop 1960, Arapaho SU
3,403 packages – Leanna C., Troop 1807, Arapaho SU
3,389 packages – Liliana P., Troop 1821, Spring River SU
3,366 packages – Caitlyn H., Troop 1807, Arapaho SU
3,344 packages – Rhiannon R., Troop 4221, Genesis SU
3,327 packages – Lydia M., Troop 2055, Kaskaskia SU
3,260 packages – Peyton R., Troop 344, Trefoil SU
3,255 packages – Ariana G., Troop 2055, Kaskaskia SU
3,250 packages – Olivia S., Troop 1960, Arapaho SU
3,250 packages – Summer S., Troop 3271, Potowatomi SU

Congratulations to Service Units Meeting and Exceeding (+105%) Goal
Aztec SU – Exceeded Goal (111%)
Barrington SU – Met Goal (103%)
Batavia SU – Met Goal (103%)
Cheyenne SU – Met Goal (100%)
Geneva SU – Exceeded Goal (108%)
Kaskaskia SU – Exceeded Goal (115%)
Park North Stateline SU – Exceeded Goal (114%)
Potowatomi SU – Exceeded Goal (209%)
Southern Ogle SU – Exceeded Goal (113%)
Spring River SU – Exceeded Goal (118%)
Stargazers SU – Exceeded Goal (108%)

Remarkable Raspberry Rally Girl Scout

Do you know a Girl Scout who is making this cookie season remarkable? Have you seen a Girl Scout excel at goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, business ethics—or maybe all the 5 Skills? Do you know a Girl Scout who is showing bravery by trying new things during the cookie season? Have you seen exceptional kindness from a special Girl Scout this cookie season?

Congratulations! to all our 2023 Remarkable Raspberry Rally Girl Scouts

Avery O., Troop 1183     Morgan M., Troop 248     Olivia C., Troop 1942
Riley J., Troop 828     Hannah W., Troop 526     Rebekah B., Troop 526
Leanorah S., Troop 1620     Lucy B., Troop 1398     Hannah F., Troop 1398
Addyson S., Troop 1955     Cecilia M., Troop 466     Sarah N., Troop 1935
Caroline B., Troop 1243     Elka P., Troop 222     Alexis W., Troop 222
Lydia M., Troop 2055     Gabriella M., Troop 113     Sapphire D., Juliette
Sami V., Troop 4221     Abigail Z., Troop 222     Emma S., Troop 2116
Rebecca W., Troop 222     Kinsley T. Troop 544     Leighton T., Troop 394
Maureen M., Troop 2053     Lily M., Troop 431     Kharrington D., Troop 1414
Kaylee I., Troop 2135     Julissa B., Troop 2135     Josie K., Troop 539
Anna S., Troop 2405     Charlotte D., Troop 2018     Isabel R., Troop 556
Lucy W., Troop 429     Brynn H., Troop 1897     Ellie V., Troop 1551
Lillian S., Troop 1935     Madeline S., Troop 1935     Sydney S., Troop 556
Annabelle B., Troop 1504     Valerie C., Troop 340    Madelyn F., Troop 2216
Marissa W., Troop 2216     Natalie G., Troop 3172     Elizabeth G., Troop 3172
Coralee H., Troop 1647     Allison P., Troop 400     Colette K., Troop 13
Finley S., Troop 13     Brynn S., Troop 1923     Jordan W., Troop 2053
Harmony R., Troop 241     Braelyn H., Troop 2385     Emma B., Troop 241
Kaylee E., Troop 925     Patricia H., Troop 2405     Olivia H., Troop 1095
Kayce B., Troop 475     Liliana P., Troop 1821     Coral V., 923
Evelyn H., Troop 2405     Clair A., Troop 2405     Aubrey D., Juliette
Piper F., Troop 732     Maggie P., Troop 2186     Kimberly M., Troop 6

Audrina G., Troop 6    Lyndsey H., Troop 2405    Abbi F., Troop 2405
Maddie C., Troop 475    Emma B., Troop 434    Olivia H., Troop 1551
Leila T., Troop 434    Emmalyn O., Troop 2189    Brynnley A., Troop 2189
EllaMae W., Troop 1189    Dream D., Troop 1189    E-Mira A., Troop 1189
Arabella M., Troop 1168    Hailee P., Troop 6    Lucy H., Troop 22
Emma G., Troop 22    Allison R., Troop 22    Katrin J., Troop 2088
Brynleigh K., Troop 1189    Campbell A., Troop 1168    Rachel H., 1189
Addison W., Troop 4340 T   aylor W., Troop 4340    Isabella B., Troop 828
Sarah W., Troop 475    Genevieve B., Troop 4619    Kaiya H., Troop 4619
Mollee W., Troop 2189    Isabelle O., Troop 150    Anahita S., Troop 1998
Primrose H., Troop 2400    Nikolette D., Troop 2400    Ellinor H., Troop 2091
Jayden R., Troop 2189    Della L., Troop 2341    Emma W., Troop 709
Kayla S., Troop 160    Eleanor G., Troop 2006    Grace B., Troop 1662
Evelyn A., Troop 211    Stellina L., Troop 458    Lennox E., Troop 1189
Aubri A., Troop 1189    Brianna K., Troop 533    Haylee B., Troop 1198
Brianna B., Troop 1095

2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program

Girl Scout Cookie Program Resources for volunteers, Girl Scouts and parents.

As another Cookie Season comes to an end, we want to thank all our dedicated Troop Volunteers for your time and efforts to support the Girl Scouts in the troop and help them to achieve their goals and accomplishment things they may have thought undoable and unreachable! As we all continue to be challenged with mostly uncontrollable circumstances, it is your support and positive attitude that helps Girl Scouts learn how to work through difficult situations now and in their future. This will be the last official Cookie Chat for the 2023 season.

Use the drop-down menus below for all the forms, information, and training materials to assist Troop Cookie Chairs, Troop Leaders, Parents, and Girl Scouts through the 2023 Cookie Program.

2023 Cookie Program UPDATES

Friday, March 17, 2023
To ensure all Girl Scouts receive credit towards rewards and troops receive credit towards troop proceeds, GSNI will be changing the Final Reward Submission date. This is due the delay of some Digital Cookie shipped orders.

The new deadline will be Saturday, March 25 at 11:59 p.m. If you did not receive an email that a Girl Scout in your troop is impacted by these orders and all cookies have been appropriately distributed and allocated to Girl Scouts, you can submit at anytime. It is not necessary to wait until this new deadline. See page 10 of the Troop Cookie Manual for more details on allocating cookies and final rewards. For more instructions on submitting final rewards, review pages 13-14 of the Troop eBudde Manual.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact

Your GSNI Product Program Team,
Anna, Michele, Debbie and Becky

Tuesday, March 7, 2023
Little Brownie Bakers (LBB) has notified us that they experienced severe weather this past weekend, resulting in power outages at their factory and exacerbating their ongoing inventory challenges. LBB currently has enough inventory to continue offering only three cookie varieties for direct ship on Digital Cookie: Thin Mints, Adventurefuls, and S’mores. As a result, our council will only be able to leave direct ship on for these three varieties for the remainder of the season.

GSNI has received a re-order from LBB to re-fill our cupboards, however Tagalongs were impacted on this delivery. Due to this reduction, at this time, Tagalongs are not available for additional cupboard orders, have been turned off for Digital Cookie girl delivery and will not be available for Cookie Cravers. Tagalongs on current pending orders may need to be reduced or deleted. The Cupboard Manager will communicate these changes and you will see changes to your order in eBudde.

As of writing this email today, we have sufficient inventory to fulfill current pending orders on other cookie varieties. As inventory depletes, we will do our best to move inventory around to our busiest cupboards and possibly close smaller cupboards. GSNI is pursuing all opportunities to get more Tagalongs and other varieties as needed in-house.

We understand these baker updates are extremely frustrating and want to offer our apologies and pass on apologies from LBB. We truly appreciate all the hard work of our girls and volunteers and recognize this cookie season has already been exceptionally challenging.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

Your GSNI Product Program Team,
Anna, Michele, Debbie and Becky

Monday, February 27, 2023
The news of Raspberry Rally cookies traveled at warp speed and are now sold out for Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois. Girl Scouts of the USA allocated a certain number of packages per council (calculated on volume of shipped Digital Cookie packages sold in previous years). We have learned that more than 50% of councils across the country sold out by approximately 9 a.m., just like GSNI. No additional Raspberry Rally cookies will be available this year.

Congratulations to our Girl Scouts and so many successful cookie booths last weekend! We are excited to see what our Girl Scouts will accomplish in the next three weeks through cookie booths and other additional sales. Digital Cookie shipped orders are still available for 7 varieties of cookies. While we all have a favorite cookie, please remind customers the Girl Scout Cookie Program its more than the cookie in the box and their support is appreciated!

Questions? Please contact

Your GSNI Product Program Team,
Anna, Michele, Debbie and Becky


Monday, November 28, 2022

As of Monday, November 28, 2022, GSNI received final messaging and information regarding alterations to the 2023 Cookie Program. The GSNI 2023 Cookie Program will start as planned on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, with a few schedule changes. Customers will be able to place girl delivery and donation orders in Digital Cookie starting on Thursday, December 15, 2022. Digital Cookie shipped orders will not be able to be placed until Monday, February 27, 2023. This delay in Digital Cookie shipped orders will also delay the availability to purchase Raspberry Rally cookies. These changes will allow Little Brownie Bakers (LBB) to better supply councils with the cookies needed in-hand for initial orders, cupboards, and cookie booths.

These decisions on delays were made by GSUSA based on input from councils and LBB’s best production estimates. All parties involved learned from 2022 and are working together to equalize impact across all LBB councils. All LBB/Digital Cookie councils will start girl delivery and donation orders on December 15, 2022 (or when their program starts if after this date) and shipped orders on February 27, 2023.

The delay of Digital Cookie shipped orders will allow for that inventory to be available for Initial Order deliveries in February as well as cupboard inventory. As we learned from 2022, nothing is guaranteed, but GSNI has a greater confidence these changes will alleviate or significantly reduce supply issues. In addition to the Digital Cookie shipped order delays, twelve councils agreed to delay the start of their program to alleviate the supply demands as well.

November 30, 2022 message

Manuals & Schedules
Online Trainings

2023 Cookie Program Mandatory Online Training will be available on gsLearn starting Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Please use this guide for assistance logging in to gsLearn. Volunteers must be registered members and designated as Troop Cookie Chair or Troop Leader to access the training in gsLearn.

Follow the steps below to complete the training.
• Choose 415 2023 Troop Cookie Chair Training from dashboard in gsLearn (If not on dashboard, search Content Library.)
• Click continue this course (button near bottom)
• Click play button and watch training. Approximately 35 minutes.
• Click Next at the bottom of the screen.
• Take quiz and check your answers.
• Read Troop Cookie Chair Volunteer Position Description and click “I agree…” at the bottom of the screen.
• Click Exit at the top right of the screen.
• You will see a screen saying 100% completed.
• You will receive a confirmation email from gsLearn with the subject: Congratulations on completing your 2023 Trooop Cookie Chair Training. This email can be used as proof of completing the training to receive your troop’s program materials.

If a troop volunteer needs the role of Troop Cookie Chair assigned to their membership and/or the training assigned to their gsLearn home page, please contact your Member Support Specialist or

Mandatory Troop Online Cookie Program Training – notes PDF

Virtual Q&A Open Houses @ 7-8 p.m.
GSNI Product Program Team will be available via Zoom to answer any questions from volunteers and parents about the 2023 Cookie Program. Passcode is GSNI for all meetings.
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Thursday, February 9, 2023
Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Little Brownie Baker – eBudde Microburst trainings
Troop Initial Order
Troop Girl Orders Tab
Troop Cupboard Order Scheduling
Troop-to-Troop Cookie Exchange
Council Booths
Troop Booths
Troop Booth Record Sales
Troop Sales Report
eBudde App Troop Dashboard
Delivery Scheduling
Troop Site/Link – Distributing shipped orders to Girls in the troop
Troop Site/Link – Distributing girl delivery orders to Girls in the troop

2023 Little Brownie Bakers Videos
2023 Girl Scout Cookie Season
Girl Scouts are Goal Scouts!
Go to Little Brownie Bakers' YouTube Channel for more videos!

Cookie Chat weekly emails
Digital Cookie 9.0
Volunteer Resources
Forms & Tools
Cookie Booths & Cookie Cupboards

Try a Virtual, Cookie Stand or Drive-Thru Cookie Booth & Troop Link/Site

Digital Cookie Troop Links/Sites will be available on February 3, 2023
Setting up Digital Cookie Troop Links/Sites
Distributing orders from the Troop Link to Girl Scouts in eBudde
Non-traditional Cookie Booths & Digital Cookie Troop Link Tips

Booth Promotion Materials

Mint Madness sign, poster
DoSiDo Dunk sign, poster
Thin Mints Still #1 sign, poster
Life Isn’t Perfect, Cookies Help!
Any good business has problems. What you do with those problems makes it a success.
When Life Gives You Lemons…Buy lemon-ups!

GSNI Council Cupboards – locations and hours
See eBudde™ Reports tab or Help Center for list of all cupboards including volunteer run cupboards.

GSNI Cookie Booth Etiquette
How Many Cookies to Order for a Cookie Booth?
Cookie Booth Essentials
Build Your Best Cookie Booth
Cookie Program Readiness

Booth Marketing Materials
Menu Board
Drive-Thru Arrow Signs (36”x24” – 2 up)
Drive-Thru Banner (10’x6’)
Stop Signs
Table Tent (2 packages – 8.5x11)
Table Tent (4 packages – 8.5x11)
Thank you and Reorder slip
Walking Sandwich Posters
Window Clings and Magnets

Booth Activities
Walking Sandwich Board
Bandana Mask
Facemask Decorating

Reminder: After entering Troop Booth sites into eBudde a troop's request will be reviewed and either approved or denied. Reasons a site may be denied include, but are not limited to, deemed inappropriate*, reserved by another troop, complete address not provided, a Council Booth site, monopolizing a site, or a safety concern.

*Inappropriate is defined as an establishment that girls themselves cannot patronize. This includes, but is not limited to, Cannabis/Marijuana retailers, Vaping retailers, Liquor/Alcohol retailers, Gambling retailers, etc. However, a retail location such as a grocery store that sells liquor/alcohol, but that is not it's primary product, is an acceptable and appropriate location.


To ensure all Girl Scouts receive credit towards rewards and troops receive credit towards troop proceeds, GSNI will be changing the Final Reward Submission date. This is due the delay of some Digital Cookie shipped orders.

The new deadline will be Saturday, March 25 at 11:59 p.m. If you did not receive an email that a Girl Scout in your troop is impacted by these orders and all cookies have been appropriately distributed and allocated to Girl Scouts, you can submit at anytime. It is not necessary to wait until this new deadline. See page 10 of the Troop Cookie Manual for more details on allocating cookies and final rewards. For more instructions on submitting final rewards, review pages 13-14 of the Troop eBudde Manual.

Multi-Girl Scout Family Special Rewards Offer and entry form

Fall & Cookie Crossover Personalized Patch

Rewards as listed on order card (PDF of picture above)

Little Brownie
My Cookie Friend

Entrepreneurship Badges & Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pins

Entrepreneurship Badges and Pins

Cookie Entrepreneur Family pins—The Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin enables girls and their families to learn to think like entrepreneurs as they participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Each Girl Scout level has its own set of requirements to help families guide their girl Scout as she runs her own cookie business year after year. Girls can earn all 13 pins in the collection—one unique pin for every year they participate. Below are the requirements for each level and activity resources.
Daisy—#1 Set a Goal-Daisy Cookie Goal Tracker, #3 Practice with money-Cost of Cookie Packages, Play Money
Brownie—#1 Go for a Goal-Brownie Cookie Goal Tracker, #3 Be a money master-Cost of Cookie Packages, Play Money
Junior—#1 Strategize your sales-Junior Cookie Goal Tracker. #5 Know your product-Know the Cookies, 2023 Girl Scout Cookie flyer
Cadette—#1 Hit those benchmarks-Cadette Cookie Goal Tracker, #4 Grow your network-Customer Pitch
Senior—#1Take note!-Senior Goal Tracker, #4 Segment your customers-Customer Targeting
Ambassador—#1 Get information-Ambassador Goal Tracker, #4 Be a sister to every Girl Scout-Sister Girl Scout

Cookie Business Badges
When Girl Scouts sell Girl Scout Cookies, they are practicing-goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics—as they learn to think like an entrepreneur. Girl Scouts can earn badges each year they run their own Girl Scout Cookie business.
Daisy—My First Cookie Business, Cookie Goal Setter
Brownie—My Cookie Customers, Cookie Decision Maker
Junior—My Cookie Team, Cookie Collaborator
Cadette—My Cookie Venture, Cookie Market Research, Cookie Innovator
Senior—My Cookie Network, Cookie Boss
Ambassador—My Cookie Business Resume, Cookie Influencer

Entrepreneurship Badges
Dreaming about creating a business that can make a difference? With the Entrepreneurship badges, girls will create and pitch a product or service that solves a real-life problem. Then they build a business plan and think about topics like production, cost, profit, marketing, and competition.
Daisy—Toy Business Designer Badge
Brownie—Budding Entrepreneur Badge
Junior—Business Jumpstart Badge
Cadette—Business Creator Badge
Senior—Business Start-up Badge
Ambassador—Entrepreneur Accelerator Badge

Financial Literacy Badges
Based on real-life situations, such as budgeting and philanthropy, these badges give young women a deeper understanding of financial literacy, empowering then for future success.
Daisy—Money Explorer, My Money Choices
Brownie—Budget Builder, My Own Budget
Junior—Budget Maker, My Money Plan
Cadette—Budget Manager, My Dream Budget, My Money Habits
Senior—Savvy Saver, My Financial Power
Ambassador—Financial Planner, My Financial Independence

Cookie Program Activities

Girl Scouts can color Flat Coral and create a beautiful ocean home around her then bring her on Cookie Adventures throughout the 2023 Cookie Program. Share pictures Flat Coral's adventures with her Girl Scout at or tag GSNI on social media!

GSNI will be offering Cookie Craver, Gift of Caring Opportunity, and Cookie Business Challenge. For details on these activities, go to the Cookie Program Activities page.

2023 Cookie Program Activities

Cookie Craver
Cookie Craver Order Card
Cookie Craver Order Submission form

Gift of Caring Opportunity and entry form

Cookie Business Challenge and entry form

Cookie House Party
Cookie Program Guidelines

Social and General Media Posting Policies
Posting to any allowed social or general media may ONLY be done during GSNI Cookie Program sales dates listed below.

• Dates allowed:
• Information regarding in-person, online and booth sales may be posted December 14, 2022-March 19, 2023.
• Posting to LOCAL public social media sites (approved membership or public) with Girl Scout or Troop Digital Cookie link for online direct ship orders and public pick-up of girl delivery orders. We remind parents and troop volunteers to be safety conscious and cautious providing a Digital Cookie link to unknown customers. ALWAYS meet in a public location for distribution of Girl Delivery orders from unknown customers.
• Posting to LOCAL public social media sites (approved membership or public) for the promotion of cookie booths, cookie stands, or to take traditional orders. ALWAYS meet in a public location for distribution of orders from unknown customers.
• Creation of a special social media site with a Girl Scout or Troop Digital Cookie link is allowed. It should include the sales goal of the Girl Scout or troop and how the troop plans to use troop proceeds.

• Posting to national sites such as, but not limited to, eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, YouTube Shopify, etc. is NOT permitted.
• NO paid advertising of any kind on social media or general media is allowed.
GSNI reminds everyone that the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a girl-led program and girls should be involved as much as safely possible in social media and online sales. We also recommend parents use caution when posting to ANY social media site and taking orders from strangers. The safety of Girl Scouts and their families is first and foremost. Parents should use their best judgement when approving in-person delivery orders versus shipped-only orders, to customers they don’t know. A girl should be accompanied by an adult at all times when delivering cookies. Abuse or misuse of a girl’s Digital Cookie site may result in council inactivating the girl’s site.

Adhere to GSNI Cookie Program sale dates, pricing, council boundaries and cookies.
Sale dates and pricing are specific for each Girl Scout council. It is important that troops, Girl Scouts, and families follow the sale dates and pricing for GSNI council. Girl Scouts may sell in-person and/or online using Digital Cookie throughout the entire program, Wednesday, December 14, 2022-Sunday, March 19, 2023. Cookie Booths may only occur during the designated booth sale dates of February 24-March 19, 2023. However, troops may hold booths both on the weekends and on weekdays. Troops may face consequences if sale dates and pricing are not followed.

All GSNI troops must keep in-person sales within the boundaries of GSNI. No booth sites or door-to-door selling may occur outside of GSNI boundaries. To confirm if a retail location or city is within GSNI boundaries, please contact the Product Program Team. If you see a troop selling within GSNI boundaries which you suspect is not from our council, DO NOT confront the troop, be argumentative, or engage in a conflict. Please make specific note of the date, time, location, and troop number and report the information to your SU Cookie Coordinator or Product Program Team. GSNI will follow up with the appropriate council.

Finally, only cookies offered by GSNI’s contracted baker, Little Brownie Bakers may be sold. No other cookies are to be sold by GSNI Girl Scouts or troops and ALL packages must be sold for $5/package. This includes any cookies from the other baker with the same name (Adventurefuls, Trefoils, Thin Mints, Raspberry Rally). 

Troop Penalties
All programs have requirements, expectations, and rules for participants. The Cookie Program is no different. It is important that troops and Girl Scouts have equal opportunities to sell cookies. GSNI would hope parents, Girl Scouts, Troop Leaders, Troop Cookie Chairs, etc. would all act appropriately, but unfortunately this does not always happen. If GSNI confirms a report that a troop or a Girl Scout within a troop has broken any rules or requirements of the program, including but not limited to, early selling, selling at higher pricing, selling outside of council boundaries, posting to restricted social media sites, or selling rewards, GSNI may enforce penalties. Troops may incur penalties through a reduction in troop proceeds of up to $50. This is not something GSNI wants to do, but as a result of prior incidents, it is unfortunately something that needs to be enforced.

As a Troop Leader or Troop Cookie Chair, we expect you to explain the requirements and do’s and don’ts of the program to your Girl Scouts and their family along with the explanation that if even one member of the troop breaks the rules, the entire troop may be penalized.

Reports of inappropriate selling activities will be accepted and investigated by GSNI Product Program Team. Girl Scouts, parents, Troop Leaders, and Troop Cookie Chairs should not confront the troop, be argumentative, or engage in a conflict. Reports should include specific information such as date, time, location, troop number and/or name when possible.

Troop Size Requirement
In an effort to ensure GSNI abides by IRS guidelines revolving around product sales, troop size guidelines as they pertain to product program troop proceeds (fall product and cookies) have been created. It is important we comply with IRS guidelines so as not to endanger the not-for-profit status of GSNI, GSUSA and Girl Scout councils nationwide.

This policy has been in effect since September 2016.
• Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Troops: Minimum size is 5 girls (from multiple families) and 2 unrelated leaders, one of which is female.
• Girl Scouts Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Troops: Minimum size is 3 girls (from multiple families) and 2 unrelated leaders, one of which is female.
• Girls in troops that have not met these minimums will be treated as Juliettes for the purposes of troop proceeds.
• For the 2023 Cookie Program, the minimum must be met by Saturday, January 28.
What DOES this mean?
• If your troop does not meet the minimum size as outlined above, your troop will automatically be treated as a group of Juliettes and no troop proceeds will be awarded. Individual Girl Scout rewards will not be affected.
• During sweeps, the troop account will be swept for the entire cost of product sold. Proceeds are NOT kept by the troop. Girls will earn S’more Dough in place of troop proceeds.
• Notes on S’more Dough:
o S’more Dough is distributed similar to Cookie Dough.
o The amount of S’more Dough a Girl Scout earns is based on ranges of product sold.
o S’more Dough uses and restrictions are similar to Cookie Dough.
o For more information on S’more Dough ranges and Juliette participation, contact your SU Cookie Coordinator or the GSNI Product Program Team.
What DOESN’T this mean?
It does NOT mean your troop will no longer be a troop. Your troop remains intact and will be available for additional members to join.

Requirements for Additional Money Earning Activities
Troops must submit a money-earning application. In order for the application to be considered:
• Troops are encouraged to participate in GSNI product programs as their primary money-earning activities. The troop must participate at the minimum levels listed below in both the Fall Product and Cookie Programs in order to apply for any additional money-earning activities.
o Fall Product Program: Troops must have at least 25% of registered girls participate and achieve $150 troop total sales.
o Cookie Program: Troops must have at least 50% of registered girls participate and achieve at least 180 pkgs troop total sales.
• Juliettes must also submit a money-earning application, be in good financial standing with council, have permission from parent/guardian and participate in both the Fall Product and Cookie Programs at the minimum levels listed below.
o Fall Product Program: Juliettes must participate and have minimum sales of $15.
o Cookie Program: Juliettes must participate and have minimum sales of 18 packages.
• Girl Scouts in troops interested in additional money-earning activities as part of earning their Bronze or Silver Awards, must follow all the troop guidelines listed above for approval. A Girl Scout earning her Gold Award, must follow and meet the guidelines of a Juliette to receive approval for an additional money-earning activity. This difference is due to the fact that Bronze and Silver Awards are earned as a troop or small group within the troop. Gold Awards are earned as an individual.
In an effort to preserve the integrity of the Fall Product and Cookie Programs, troops must avoid holding money-earning activities targeted to the public between September 15-October 31 and December 15-March 31.

2023 Virtual Cookie Kick-off

Thank you to everyone that attended the Virtual Cookie Kick-Off Premiere! If you missed it (or want to watch again), no worries! Watch it now!

Troop Leaders, Cookie Chairs or Parents….

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding any aspects of the Cookie Program, please email the Product Program Team at or call the Cookie Hotline at 847-214-9295.

Tools for Cookie Program Success

Little Brownie Bakers 
Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at Little Brownie Bakers. 


Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page 
Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business.