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Get Outdoors with GSNI

Camping is a great way for girls to explore leadership, build skills, and develop a deep appreciation for nature. Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois has a variety of facilities-from tents and cabins to year-round lodges- that are available for troops and groups to use to create their own unique camping experience or join us for council-sponsored camping events where we provide the activities and supplies. With the new activities and amenities at all of our camps, there is something for every girl!

Check out the Girl Scout Research Institutes publication "Girl Scouts Soar in the Outdoors" for an extensive list of benefits when experiencing the outdoors. 

GSNI Troop Camp Guide

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GSNI Outdoor Challenge Patch


The Outdoor Challenge Patch program is an exciting way Girl Scouts of all ages can have fun while learning more about the outdoors. The program runs throughout the year and has activities based on grade level and seasons.

Girls can participate individually, by troop or with her family to complete as many activities as possible from any one of our seasonal lists. Once your Girl Scout has finished the required amount of activities for their grade level, return the list to her troop leader or visit any Resource Center to purchase your patches!

Center patch cost is $1.50 Seasonal rocker patches cost $1.00.

Winter 2021-2022 Outdoor Challenge

Winter 2021-2022 Outdoor Challenge-Spanish

Spring 2022 Outdoor Challenge 

Spring 2022 Outdoor Challenge-Spanish

Outdoor Skills Patch and Charms


Our Outdoor Skills Patch Program is designed for troop leaders to teach Girl Scouts the 8 Basic Outdoor Skills!

In order to earn the Outdoor Skills Patch and Charms girls must complete the "basic 8" camp skills. 

Charms and patches can be purchased at any resource center.

Patches are $2.00 each Charms are $1.25 each.

Cick here to download the Outdoor Skills Patch and Charms requirements

4 Camp Challenge Patch


Any GSNI family can participate in the 4 Camp Challenge Patch Program. Girls can earn this unique fun patch and flames for spending at least one night camping at any of our four camps with her family that is not a council-sponsored weekend in the summer! Get started with the campfire base patch available at any of our GSNI stores.

During camp check-out, the Ranger or Program Staff will help any family purchase flame patches ($.50/patch by check only). Patch fees can be paid directly to the Ranger or Program Staff at the time of check-out.

The troop camping flame patch is earned when girls camp outdoors at a non-GSNI property (such as a county campground, state park, etc.) with their troop. This patch can be earned in the same experience as earning a new Troop Camping badge. Troop camping flame patches can be purchased in the GSNI store. 

The Service Rocker Patch is earned when girls complete a 12 hour service project at a GSNI property with the preapproval of a Ranger. Service rocker patches will be given free of charge once a girl completes all the hours of her property service project. 

Find a Gnome at Camp McCormick!


Can you find all the Gnome's at Camp McCormick? Go on a gnome hunt throughout the camp, and see if you can find all the gnome's! There is a special gnome to find! 

With the help of Troops 1243, 190, and 1398 see if you can find all the gnomes and see if you can find the golden gnome that roams! 

Once you have completed the Gnome hunt purchase the patch at any Resource Center. 

Troops must have a day use or overnight reservation in order to do the gnome hunt. 

Gnome Information Packet

Girl Scouts Love State Parks


Every year, Girl Scouts explore the natural wonders found across our country during the Girl Scouts Love State Parks weekend. On September 11 and 12, Girl Scouts nationwide, along with their troops, friends, and family, will celebrate our shared love of the outdoors.

Troops, girls, and families can go to any state park to enjoy all the offerings are beautiful parks have to offer. Ahead of your park visits, Girl Scouts and their friends and families can pledge to Pick Up America.

Get your Girl Scouts Love State Parks passport for to guide your adventures throughout the weekend.