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troop update form

Troop Update Form

Share your troop's meeting information with Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois! This will help us with determining when and where our troops are meeting, and letting us know that you are willing to accept more girls.

This is a wonderful opportunity to troops to allow new girls looking to join Girl Scouts to find a troop in their area, and truly spreads the spirit of Girl Scouting being for every girl! You can truly make a difference in a girl's life by accepting just one more girl into your troop.

Thanks for filling this out! Your information is invaluable to us!

This is the TOTAL number of girls you would like to have in your troop - the number of girls you currently have PLUS the number of additional girls you can accomodate. Troops started after April 2016 MUST accept at least 12 girls. If you have the exact number of girls in your troop that you write here, your troop will NOT be displayed in the Opportunity Catalog. Appropriate girl-to-adult for every two adults are: Daisies - 12, Brownies - 20, Juniors - 25, Cadettes - 25, Seniors - 30, Amabassadors - 30
If so, let us know the total number of volunteers needed for your troop in the box above.
This would be for the primary leader for your troop
 Daisy (grades K-1)
 Brownie (grades 2-3)
 Junior (grades 4-5)
 Cadette (grades 6-8)
 Senior (grades 9-10)
 Ambassador (grades 11-12)
Please list the grades of all the girls in your troop
Tell us a bit about your troop. For example, "We love to camp!" or "We do lots of community service projects!" This information will be displayed to potential Girl Scout parents in the Opportunity Catalog.
If you meet in a school or community center, please list the exact name. If you meet in a home, please tell us the general area. For example, you can list yourself as "West Elementary School neighborhood"
If you have chosen to meet in a home, this information will not be displayed on the web
Here, list the public location where your troop meets. If you meet at a home or private location, please list the school that the majority of the girls in your troop attend.
 College Readiness
 Community Service
 Creative Arts
 Healthy Living
 Highest Award
 Life Skills
What types of activities does your troop like to do? Choose all that apply.
 Sign Language
The language(s) that are supported at your troop meeting.. Choose all that apply.
For example, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. If your meeting time varies from meeting to meeting, please provide a general timeframe.