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Congratulations to Anahita S. in troop 1998 in Chippewa Service Unit on her entrepreneurial skills to sell the most (36 boxes) of Mint Penguins and winning the Penguin Frenzy!

penguins three patches

Fall Product Program

On behalf of GSNI and the Product Program Team, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who participated in our 2021 Fall Product Program! We are SO grateful to our hard-working entrepreneurs, their super supportive families, our fantastic volunteers, and each and every customer who made an investment in our Girl Scouts’ success! Thanks to you, GSNI met our goal for Fall Product Program and will be able to serve even MORE current and potential Girl Scouts this year! (We’re also excited to announce over HALF of our GSNI service units met their Fall Product Program goal this year!)

Congratulation to our Top Ten Entrepreneurs!
Kimberly M., troop 3127, Spring River SU—$3,276
Savanna W., troop 2259, Double Tree SU—$3,117
Brianna C., troop 299, Chippewa SU—$1,842
Jamie H., troop 2041, Fox Valley SU—$1,822
Nisa B., troop 1303, Park North Stateline SU—$1,762
Teagan B., troop 3127, Spring River SU—$1,737
Mari Lyn F., troop 385, Boone SU—$1,673
Mallory B., troop 385, Boone SU—$1,664
Zoey C., troop 1960, Arapaho SU—$1,570
Anahita S., troop 1998, Chippewa SU—$1,568

Congratulations to the Service Units that met their goals!
These service units will receive a bonus of 1% of their total sales!
Aztec SU—101% of goal
Barrington SU—102% of goal
Broken Arrow SU—141% of goal
Chippewa SU—161% of goal
Double Tree SU—141% of goal
Fox Valley SU—134% of goal
Geneva SU—104% of goal
Kaskaskia SU—130% of goal
Lake Zurich SU—108% of goal
North Star SU—109% of goal
Park North Stateline SU—116% of goal
Pleiades SU—196% of goal
Quapaw SU—130% of goal
Southern Ogle SU—129% of goal
Spring River SU—104% of goal
Trefoil SU—120% of goal
WinDuPec SU—115%
Wynonwy SU—151% of goal

Training and Manuals
Forms and Tools
Resources for M2OS

Below are links to short video trainings to assist with navigation of M2OS. If you have additional questions, please reach out to M2 Media Group customer service at or 800-372-8520.

Reminder, the training video shown when first logging in is avaialble on the dashboard to review.


Order Card Entry Troop
Entering Troop Banking
Editing Troop Banking
How to choose pick up time – troops (if being utilized)

Girl Registration
Creating Your Avatar
Order Card Entry Parent

Rewards on order card
Products on order card
Games and Activities

Use these games and activities to gather excitement and an introduction to the Fall Product Program as well as teaching Girl Scouts about the Emperor Penguin.


Create your Avatar
Plan Your Fall Product Program Using These Five Skills
Tips for Recording your Entrepreneur Video
Motivational Word Search
Get to Know Me-Ice Breaker Game

Emperor Penguin Fast Facts
How to Draw an Emperor Penguin
Make you own Snowball Ice Cream
Blubber Glove Experiment

Color this coloring sheet or create your own drawing, complete the Penny the Penguin entry form and email your coloring sheet or drawing to DEADLINE to enter is Thursday, September 30, 2021.

Video Resources
COVID-19 Guidelines
Social Media Guidelines

Postings to any allowed social or general media may ONLY be done during GSNI Fall Product Program sale dates.
o Posts September 14-October 3 may only refer to online  sales. Information regarding all types of sales may be posted October 4-23.
o Posting to personal social media is permitted. Be cognizant of settings (private vs. public).
o Posting to LOCAL public social media sites (approved membership or public) with Girl Scout link is permissible for the promotion of online direct ship orders and public pick-up of girl delivery orders. We remind parents  to be safety conscious and cautious providing links to unknown customers. ALWAYS meet in a public location for distributiuon of Girl Delivery orders from unknown customers.

o Posting to national sites such as, but not limited to, eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, etc. is NOT permitted.

No paid advertising of any kind on social media or general media is allowed by troops or Girl Scouts.


Penny the Penguin


Congratulations to Abby F. in Troop 200 in the Genesis Service Unit who was chosen through a random drawing as the new owner of the giant 3' Penny the Penguin plush! 

Thank you to the 187 Girl Scouts who visited Penny the Penguin at a Resource Center or submitted a drawing or coloring sheet to enter the random drawing to win Penny.


For questions and assistance, contact your volunteer Fall Product Program Service Unit Coordinator or a member of the GSNI Product Program team at or the product hotline 847-214-9295 or 844-GSNI4ME (476-4463). 

Develop a Girl Scout's future!

When leaders, product chairs and parents help their troop participate in the Fall Product Program, they are helping girls to gain confidence and independence as well as build social and practical life skills towards their future. Through the Fall Product Program, girls learn Financial Literacy and Five Life Skills:


Goal Setting


Decision Making


Money Management


People Skills


Business Ethics