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Oh, the outdoors! If you are looking to take your group on a walk in the woods, have a picnic, watch some wildlife, or spend the night, you’ll love all our camps have to offer. Every property has its own unique character.

Think back to when you went camping as a child. We know you remember it well. You could remember turkeys waking you up in the morning right outside your tent. Maybe you remember fawns running around or that time you fell in the creek. Your memories are priceless. Help provide those memories for today’s kids.

Our camps offer a wide variety of camping from platform tents to air conditioned lodges.

Troop Camp Guide 2023

We also have a lot more in store! GSNI has BIG PLANS for our camps! You can check out all the details here!


Due to popular demand by GSNI troops and groups, and upcoming work towards our Long Range Property Plan, GSNI will no longer be accepting 3rd party reservations at our sites. Find out all the details here.

Before making a reservation, please check out our Active Net "How to Guides" to assist you. 


Camp Dean is 160 acres of woods and grasslands. Welch Creek runs through the middle of camp and is one of the finest creeks in the state for wildlife. Explore its secrets on a hike, and don’t forget your camera. There is a large hill in the middle of the prairie offering fantastic views of the night sky, as well as some great sledding. Try your hand at fishing or other water activities on our 2.25 acre pond. Camp Dean is located just west of Aurora in the southeast area of our council.

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Camp McCormick is nearly 400 acres of pristine wilderness and open prairies stretching along almost two miles of Rock River frontage. You can hike miles of manicured trails while enjoying the plush scenery and ample wildlife. The sites are spread out for privacy. You could visit here all weekend and not see another camper!

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Mary Ann Beebe Center is 295 acres located between Harvard and Woodstock. Pockets of water spread out across the property, providing habitats for various wildlife. Water fowl love the area! From whooping cranes to wood ducks, the camp has many resident feathered friends. The woodlands are populated with burr, white, and red oaks, great open grasslands, and a high-quality managed wetland of about 25 acres.

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Have questions about our facility rentals? Contact us or call us at 1-844-GSNI-4-ME.