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Renew your Membership

Renew Your Membership—You’ve Got This.

Strength, resilience, togetherness, and the support of community—that’s what Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois is all about. So in this uncertain world, you can count on one thing for sure: today, tomorrow, together, we are on your team.

When you stick with Girl Scouts, you’re not just giving your girl something to do, you’re giving her someone to be. The bravest, boldest, best version of herself. The version of herself that walks with her head a bit higher and acts with confidence.

And as she grows, we’ll grow with her, guiding her through life’s ups and downs, supporting her strengths, and showing her new and exciting paths to take.

GSNI's Renewal Campaign

Right Off The Presses! Scroll down to learn about the new Bring a Friend Back to Girl Scouts Troop Incentive!

GSNI is excited for you to join us for another great year in Girl Scouting! The adventures your Girl Scout and you can have are endless next year! Click on the link below to log into your MYGS Account to renew all Girl Scout membership in your troop or household. Or check in with your Girl Scout leader to use your Cookie Dough or Cashew Cash.

Our Girl Scout Gift is Back for a limited time!- for GSNI members only.  

GSNI is happy to offer Our Girl Scout Gift of membership again this year for a limited time! From April 8 - May 12, GSNI members can accept GSNI's Our Girl Scout Gift by choosing "Program Credits" as their payment method when renewing through their MYGS Account. Those who accept GSNI's Our Girl Scout Gift, will have their Girl Scout memberhship fee for membership 2022 paid for by GSNI directly to GSUSA. 

We encourage all members to wait until April 8 to renew for MY22 who would like to accept GSNI's Our Girl Scout Gift. Those who would like to pay for their membership or use their GSNI Vouchers (Cashew Cash, Cookie Dough, S'more Dough) for their MY22 may do so from April 1 - September 30, 2021. Anyone who pays for thier MY22 Girl Scout Membership will be ineligible for GSNI's Our Girl Scout Gift as no refunds will be available from GSUSA or GSNI. 

NEW! GSNI has opened Our Girl Scout Gift to new and lapsed MY20 members. Those who are interested in becoming or coming back to Girl Scouts, can find more information on how to accept GSNI's Our Girl Scout Gift here

Please give 24 hours for your MY22 membership to be active if you are accepting GSNI's Our Girl Scout Gift. 

Once your 2022 membership is activated, be sure to check out GSUSA's member-exclusive special event at              In order to attend this event, be sure to activate your 2022 membership by April 26! 

Service Unit Renewal Incentive! 

GSNI is excited for this year's 2021 Renewal Incentive for Service Units! 

Service Units will recieve $50 for every renewal goal met, with the goals being: 

  • Early Renewal Girl Goal
  • Early Renewal Adult Goal
  • On-Time Renewal Girl Goal
  • On-Time Renewal Adult Goal

Bonus #1! If a Service Unit meets all four renewal goals they will recieve a bonus $50! 

Bonus #2! Once a Service Unit reaches 72% of their member retention, they will recieve a bonus of $0.25 per member above the 72%! 

For more information about Renewal check out the Troop Leader Early Renewal Packet for materials that will help you with your Parent Meeting. 

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at

NEW! GSNI's Bring a Friend Back to Girl Scouts Promotion

Thanks to GSUSA opening Extended Membership to lapsed members from MY20, GSNI is offering Our Girl Scout Gift offer to those who would like to come back to Girl Scouts between April 8 - May 12. 

We encourage troops to review their rosters and personally invite lapsed members back to Girl Scouts throughout the Renewal Campaign (April 1 - September 30, 2021). 

NEW Troop Incentive!

Troops that Bring a Friend Back to Girl Scouts during early renewal qualify for a Troop Incentive - a-one-time-use discount code for $10 off an in-store purchase of $60 or more at any one of GSNI retail locations. 

Troops who invite a friend back to Girl Scouts and have one or more of those friends rejoin will need to fill out the Bring a Friend Back to Girl Scouts Form in order to recieve their one-time-use discount code. Friends must be rejoin and the form must be recieved by Customer Care by July 31, 2021 for the troop to be eligible. 

Don't forget!

If a girl or family would like to come back to Girl Scouts and accept GSNI's Our Girl Scout Gift offer, where GSNI will pay for their extended membership ($35 value) directly to GSUSA; they must accept the gift between April 8 - May 12, 2021 by choosing "Financial Assistance" as their payment method when they renew. 

Graduating Senior Lifetime Membership with gift Offer from GSUSA

Girl Scout Ambassadors who are graduating high school can purchase a Lifetime membership with a gift promotion between April 1 - May 31, 2021. This year's gift from GSUSA is a graduation tassel. 

The cost of a lifetime membership for graduating Seniors is $200. 

For more information check out GSUSA's Lifetime Membership for Graduating Seniors.

Volunteers with 10 years or more of Service Lifetime Membership Discount Offer from GSUSA

NEW for 2021 Spring Renewal! GSUSA is offering a Lifetime Membership Discount ($200) for volunteers who have 10 years or more in service. Volunteers will be recieving communication from GSUSA about this discount. It will be available when an adult member goes to renew their membership for MY2022. 

For more information check out GSUSA's Lifetime Membership page. 

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Trouble Logging In?

Q: Why isn’t my username working?
A: Your username is typically your email address. If you have more than one email address, try each. You can also use the “Forgot Your Password?” link to send a reset email to your email address. If you’re still having trouble, contact your council’s Customer Care team.

Q: Why aren’t I getting the password reset emails?
A: The password reset emails come from, so please make sure it’s added to your safe senders list. If you requested the reset email before marking our email address as safe, check your spam folder. If you’re still not receiving the email, contact your council’s Customer Care team to verify that your username/email address is correct.

Q: How do I reset my password when I no longer have access to the email address associated with my account?
A: Your council’s Customer Care team can easily change your username/email address without requiring you to recreate your account.

Q: Why can’t I see my family when I log in?
A: There are a couple reasons this could happen:

  • Another adult family member may be listed as the preferred contact on the account. That person must log in to renew. Contact your council’s Customer Care team if you’d like to be listed as your household’s preferred contact.
  • You may have a second or duplicate account with a different email address. Try a different username. If that works, be sure to contact your council’s Customer Care team to merge the two accounts into one.

Q: Why can’t I see my troop(s) when I log in?
A: There are several reasons this could happen:

  • Troops are listed on a separate tab from your family. If you have more than one troop, look for the pull-down menu to change between them.
  • Check your member profile to make sure you’re listed as a volunteer in the troop.
  • Not all troop volunteers can access the troop tab. Check with your council to see which volunteer roles they allow to access the tab.
  • If your background check has expired, you may lose access until it is up-to-date.

Contact GSNI's Customer Care at (844) 476-4463 for more assistance.

FAQs about Renewal


Q: How do I renew my Girl Scout's membership?

A: Visit . Click on the MY GS button and log into your MY GS Member Profile. 

Q: Can I pay for my own membership renewal ?

A: Yes! Feel free to pay for your and/or your Girl Scout’s renewed 2021 membership. When you check out online, choose to pay by credit card. Thank you for your gift to us!

Q: If my troop leader pays for my Girl Scout's membership but we don't plan on returning can I get a refund?

A: Unforuantely no, GSNI nor GSUSA gives refunds for the Annual Girl Scout Membership fee. 

Q: Can my Girl Scout decide to use her GSNI Voucher to renew her Girl Scout membership?

A: Yes! Your Girl Scout can use any GSNI Voucher to renew her membership. Parents should check with their troop leader on this process.

Q: What is a GSNI Voucher?

A: GSNI Vouchers are Cashew Cash, Cookie Dough, S’more Dough, and 2020 Adventure Allowance e-codes.

Q: If my Girl Scout does not use her GSNI Voucher to renew her membership, how can she use it before it expires?

A: All GSNI Vouchers listed above can be used in any GSNI store. Cookie Dough, Cashew Cash, and S’more Dough expire April 1, 2021 and can be used for upcoming GSNI events. Adventure Allowance expires September 1, 2020, and can only be used at a GSNI store.

Q: Can a troop leader ask GSNI for all their girls’ Adventure Allowance (a GSNI Voucher) to be used for membership renewal?

A: No. Adventure Allowance was an individual incentive for renewing a Girl Scout membership before June 30, 2019. For the troop leader to use their girls’ Adventure Allowance, the parent of each girl must give the troop leader their girl’s code after the troop has decided to pay for a program or event using Adventure Allowance as payment.


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