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Troop 2345 Donates Busy Boxes!


Brownies from GSNI Multilevel Troop 2345 completed their World of Girls Journey by making and donating 40 busy boxes for kids in the hospital. In the Journey, there is a Change a Story Project and making busy boxes was how the Brownies decided to help change other kids’ story of visiting the hospital.

Amber says, “During a discussion, one of our girls talked about her dentist’s office not having things for kids to do and how a lot of the kids looked nervous. This prompted another girl to suggest making busy boxes for kids at the doctor's or dentist's offices, because they had been given a busy box as a gift before. The girls started brainstorming—what could go in the boxes, researching prices, shopping together with a budget, choosing for a variety of preferences, packing and labeling boxes, and writing a special note for each box. They used troop proceeds from the cookie program to fund the project and had fun doing it! About halfway through the project, I found The Jared Box Project. It was a great resource for formalizing the project and connecting us to a local hospital! We hope the kids feel more comfortable during their stay at Good Shepherd Hospital, and the boxes bring some fun to a kid that might be feeling crummy or bored!

Lynette, Volunteer Services Coordinator at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, says, “I'm excited that we can share Jared Boxes with our pediatric patients that come to our Emergency Department and come for surgery!”

Congratulations to Danali, Karina, Norah, and Paola for completing their Journey and making a difference!