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Girl Scout Week 2023


Each year, Girl Scouts celebrate Girl Scout Week in March. This year it will be celebrated across the country on March 12–18, 2023. Check out these recommendations for celebrating Girl Scout Week:

Sunday, March 12 - Girl Scout Sunday

Girl Scout Sunday is a special day dedicated to thinking about your beliefs and how they’re reflected in the Girl Scout Law. Think of the things the two have in common and share your thoughts with others.

Sunday, March 12 - Girl Scout Birthday

It’s Girl Scout’s 111th birthday! Celebrate with a cupcake or—better yet—a cookie!

Monday, March 13 - Make a Change Monday

Find a small way you can change your daily habits to improve your self-esteem. Whether you start a gratitude journal or encourage your family to ban negative self-talk from your home, every step we take helps make the world a better place.

Tuesday, March 14 - Troop Tuesday

Gather with your troop and take a photo of everyone in their Girl Scout uniform or Girl Scout gear. Do an outdoor activity with your troop or your family!

Wednesday, March 15 - Girl Scout Way Wednesday

Girl Scouts has a long history, but how much of it do you know? Work towards earning your Girl Scout Way badge. When you’re done, use Girl Scout ways and traditions to make a difference.

Thursday, March 16 - Take Action Thursday

Take one step toward earning a highest awards Take Action project. It could be researching organizations you’re passionate about, contacting an adult to ask they be your project advisor, or setting a date for a service project in your community.

Friday, March 17 - Girl Scouts Jummah

Girl Scouts are encouraged to share their achievements in Girl Scouts with their faith community! Work towards earning your My Promise, My Faith pin.

Saturday, March 18 - Sabbath

The Girl Scout Sabbath is a great day to honor those who have earned their Girl Scout Religious Recognitions or learn about the Girl Scout Religious Recognitions.

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