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2023 February Volunteer Spotlight: Liz Alvarado


By Kim French, Director of Resource Centers

Congratulations to Liz Alvarado who has been awarded GSNI’s Volunteer Spotlight for February 2023!

Currently a troop leader for Troop 768 within GSNI’s Southern Ogle Service Unit, Liz hit the ground running to assist in creating a new opportunity for youth in her area.

GSNI’s Recruitment Specialist Denisse Clark nominated Liz for this award noting that, “Liz was one of the troop leaders who founded Troop 768—the first bilingual troop in Rochelle. With limited bilingual resources, leadership changes, and our new norm, Liz has found ways to overcome her introverted side and connect with her co-leaders, volunteers, and troop caregivers. Liz is truly helping us bridge the communication gap between GSNI and the Hispanic community.” Way to go, Liz!

When asked to share a favorite Girl Scout moment, Liz replied, “One of my favorite memories was when we went to learn how to take care of horses and how to ride them. The girls in the troop were always motivated, very helpful in cleaning the place, and always alert to the instructions on how to be careful with the horses. Their happy faces were worth gold!”

Liz explained, “I joined as a volunteer with the motivation to create a troop that would include the Spanish language, so that Spanish speaking girls and parents would be included in creating moments and great opportunities for our daughters, and so girls who are learning the Spanish language would have the opportunity for new experiences in both languages. My greatest prize is the smiles of the girls when they learn something new, have fun, and are children of good change agents for the future!”

Working with others to run a girl-led program is important, integrating The Three Processes along with this. Liz commented, “We are a multi-level troop, and we always try to encourage our older girls to help their younger sisters learn some of what they have learned. Also, while we learn by doing, we make the moments cooperative and have a great time learning.”

“Being a volunteer means a lot to me.” Liz says. “Being a volunteer is being the person who guides and motivates these wonderful girls to be successful. Co-leading a bilingual troop is a challenge, but their learning in both languages—Spanish and English—will give them unparalleled opportunities in the future.”

Liz advises other volunteers and parents, “Always be a part of the great experiences the girls have with each adventure in Girl Scouts. In the process they learn and change the world, just as we as volunteers and parent helpers assist in making the world a better place with empowered and independent girls.”

Thank you, Liz, for all you do and keep up the good work!

GSNI wishes to thank Patty Donahue and Image Awards Engraving and Creative Keepsakes in Geneva for graciously providing the beautiful tile trivet awards for our Volunteer Spotlight Program.