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Safety at GSNI Camps


At Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois, the safety of our members is our number one priority! We purposefully commit to creating safe, fun, and rewarding experiences for everyone at all our locations.

Each GSNI camp follows rigorous security standards with a review and assessment process held at the beginning of each new camping season. Like all GSNI staff members, our Camp Rangers complete full background checks. A Camp Ranger also lives onsite at each of our camps to consistently ensure the safety of all campers throughout the year.

When campers are present, there is access to dependable and mobile communication between all camper units, camp administrative staff, and Camp Rangers at all times via walkie talkies- and regular check-ins.

Camp Rangers, program staff, and camp administrative team members take patrol walks across the campgrounds throughout the day and overnight for safety of campers, units, and property.

Access to GSNI camp is available only through locked gates.

GSNI has placed motion sensors and security cameras throughout our camp properties and on the roads leading into camp and on main buildings. These cameras are regularly monitored by our Camp Rangers and council program staff.

During the camping season, GSNI personnel hold regular communication meetings with local county sheriff’s departments, police, and emergency response teams.

It is our firm objective to take proactive and prudent safety measures at each of our camps. If you have any concerns or questions as to the safety of campers while on GSNI properties, please let us know at 844-476-4463 or