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March 2022 Cookie Program Leader Updates

The 2022 Girl Scout Cookie season has been the most challenging in recent history. Our Girl Scouts, volunteers, families, and customers have been affected by cookie production issues. Girl Scouts didn’t give up! Their families have supported them in reaching their goals, and our volunteers taught Girl Scouts about real-life business obstacles every entrepreneur faces. Our cookie customers continue to invest in tomorrow’s leaders through online purchases, in-person orders, and visiting cookie booths with a willingness to find a new favorite Girl Scout Cookie. With booth season just starting, we have several important reminders to share!

Bank Sweeps

Due to delays with some service unit deliveries and unavailability of some varieties of cookies, GSNI is extending the dates for both bank sweeps. The new date for the first sweep will be Wednesday, March 16, 2022, instead of March 7. The new date for the final sweep will be Friday, April 15, 2022, instead of April 6. Reminder, the first sweep is for 50% of all cookies received at delivery. See page 9 of the Cookie Program Troop Manual for formula to assist with calculating. GSNI is evaluating other accommodations to assist troops and Girl Scouts through this challenging cookie program.

Cookie Inventory

We have very unfortunate news to share—other than the possibility of Trefoils that were never delivered to the cupboards on the east side of the council—GSNI will not be receiving any additional cookies to any cupboards this week (week of February 28) and likely next week (week of March 7). This includes Adventurefuls, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Toffee-tastics, and additional Trefoils. If needed, we may be able to receive more Thin Mints and Lemon-Ups for the week of March 7. We are very disappointed that Little Brownie Bakers has not been able to fulfill our cupboard re-orders so that we can replenish Cookie Cupboards’ inventory. Cupboards will stay open while they still have inventory but may need to temporarily close once their inventory is depleted.

If you have a pending order already placed for Samoas for pickup at a cupboard this week, those orders cannot be fulfilled. If you would like to reduce, delete, or change this order, you can still make edits while the order is pending or contact the cupboard manager to assist you. Cupboard orders are filled based on first-come, first-served basis when the cupboard order was placed.

Due to the uncertainty of when we will receive any Samoas, we will be turning Samoas off as an option to order in Digital Cookie for Girl Delivery on Tuesday, March 1, at 12 Noon. GSNI may turn off additional varieties as needed.

Girl Scouts with their parents can turn off Girl Delivery option in Digital Cookie or just turn off the ability to order certain varieties of cookies that the council has not already turned off. This is done on the My Cookie tab in Digital Cookie. See My Cookies: Delivery Settings tip sheet for more detailed instructions. Reminder, only individual Girl Scouts or their parents can make these changes. Troop Cookie Chairs and leaders cannot make these changes for the troop.

Booth Updates/Reminders

If your troop will not be able to hold an upcoming booth, please remember to delete or remove it in eBudde. This will ensure that a potential customer searching for booths on Cookie Finder does not arrive at a booth location no longer happening.

Due to the State of Illinois changes to COVID guidelines, GSNI will be lifting the requirement to wear masks at OUTDOOR booths. HOWEVER, we do ask that all troops check-in with the retail location for the booth to respect and follow their rules and guidelines for wearing masks.

Cookie Program Extension

GSNI is planning to extend the 2022 Cookie Program at least one week to Sunday, March 27, 2022. Other extensions to deadlines, such as rewards submission, will be implemented based on this change. A survey will be sent out Tuesday, March 1, to all troops to get feedback on additional extensions or changes. This information will help the GSNI Product Program Team to make further decisions.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this challenging Cookie Program! Your understanding and patience is very much appreciated as GSNI and our Product Program Team strives to meet the needs for troops, volunteers, and Girl Scouts in the council.

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