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GSNI Awards Special Recognition to Alyssa K. for Taking Action


We’d like to introduce you to Girl Scout Junior Alyssa K., a fourth-grade member of GSNI multi-level Troop 2337. Alyssa recently assisted her mom during a medical emergency.

Alyssa’s mom tells us, “I was scrapping wax off my candle dish with a pair of scissors (which was not a safe thing to do!). The scissors slipped and cut my finger deep. I asked Alyssa to help me find bandages. When she saw all the blood and how bad it was, she ran to get the First Aid Kit she put together in Girl Scouts. She stayed as calm as she could, gave me a piece of gauze, and told me to hold pressure on it while she called her grandparents who live close by. Once they said they were on the way over, she wrapped my finger with the gauze roll while explaining that she needed to wrap it tightly to help stop the bleeding. After that, she cleaned the blood off my hand and arm!”

Alyssa sat with her mom until her grandparents arrived, so her mom could drive to the hospital for stitches. When her mom came home, she had a special note from the Emergency Room Nurse thanking Alyssa for all her help!

We asked Alyssa’s mom how she felt about Alyssa’s actions. She said, “I was so impressed by how quickly she jumped into action and how she knew what to do. She learned it with her troop when they were working toward their First Aid badge.”

Alyssa told us she was scared during the emergency, but she knew she had to stay calm and be brave. She was so proud to get that special note from her mom’s nurse.

Alyssa’s mom says, “I love that she gets to learn about so many things in Girl Scouts with hands-on experience. I think it’s great she gets to learn about a lot of life skills that aren’t necessarily covered at school!”

GSNI is extremely proud of Alyssa’s quick thinking and her action to “to help people at all times” so it is our honor to present her with a Special Recognition for Taking Action certificate!

Congratulations, Alyssa!