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Girl Scout Week Donation at DeKalb Library


GSNI volunteer Brianna leads two Girl Scout troops and is also our hard-working Kaskaskia Service Unit Manager. She tells us she went to DeKalb Public Library recently for story time and decided to look for some Girl Scout books in celebration of Girl Scout Week. Sadly, she noticed there were only a few books available.

She asked the library if they would accept donations of Girl Scout books, and the library said yes! Brianna donated a Daisy Girl Scout Leadership Experience binder, originally purchased as a keepsake for her Girl Scout, along with several Journey books passed on from graduating Kaskaskia troops.

Brianna says, “I'm hoping this will bring opportunities for girls, leaders, and their families who aren't able to purchase books right away to start Girl Scouts through the library. The library is also part of an interlibrary loan program, so more girls can borrow them, not just from our local community!”

To arrange delivery of the donation, she worked with Theresa from the Children's Department. Theresa said she didn't realize it was Girl Scout Week or Girl Scouts’ Birthday on March 12. She then offered use of the library’s display case for Girl Scouts. Brianna offered to fill the display case with Girl Scout materials.

Brianna says “If you get a chance, go see what's on display. I hope in the future we can do displays at different times of the year and plan what to have inside!”

She would especially like to thank GSNI Recruitment Specialist Stephanie for helping with arrangements and flyers.

Thank you to Brianna for spreading the good news about Girl Scouts to her local community and beyond!