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Early Renewal Is Coming!


Early Girl Scout Membership Renewal opens April 1, 2022. Check out GSNI’s Renew page for all the details of this year’s Early and On-Time Renewal Campaigns. This year’s renewal packet includes the following:

  • Parent Renewal Meeting Plan
  • 2023 Troop Roster
  • Step-by-step instructions to renew your troop
  • Step-by-step instructions for parents to renew their Girl Scout’s membership
  • Updated GSNI’s E-Code Reimbursement Form for renewed youth membership

You will also find key information about what type of memberships are available during Early and On-Time Renewal, renewal incentives, and more!

Renewal incentives include:

  • Troop T-shirt Incentive – Troops who renew 50% of their youth members and two adult members will receive a FREE Troop T-shirt for each troop member who renews by June 30, 2022. This T-shirt will be GSNI’s 2023 Troop T-shirt design.
  • Juliette T-shirt Incentive – Juliettes who renew their Girl Scout membership by June 30, 2022, will receive a FREE Troop T-shirt. This T-shirt will also be GSNI’s 2023 Troop T-shirt design.

Service unit incentives include:

  • Service units will receive $50 for every renewal goal met, with the goals being: 
    • Early Renewal Girl Scout Goal
    • Early Renewal Adult Goal
    • On-Time Renewal Girl Scout Goal
    • On-Time Renewal Adult Goal
    • Bonus #1! If a service unit meets all four renewal goals, they will receive a bonus $50! 
    • Bonus #2! Once a service unit reaches 72% of their member retention, they will receive a bonus of $0.25 per member above the 72%! 

For Renewal information in Spanish, click here.