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How GSNI Girl Scouts can fundraise for Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois!


Wondering how Girl Scouts can fundraise for participation in our urban rappelling adventure at Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois? We’re here to help!

Girls may conduct fundraising activities similar to standard money earning activities troops conduct in addition to the Girl Scout Fall Product and Cookie Programs. These are the type of activities listed in Volunteer Essentials:

  • Collections and drives, such as cell phone refurbishment, used ink cartridges, or clothing
  • Food and meal events, such as lunch box auctions, themed-meals, or spaghetti dinners
  • Services, such as Parents Night Out babysitting, dog wash, car wash, dog walking, or flamingo flocking

Funds raised though these activities must be turned in to GSNI, and we will credit the funds toward the fundraising goal of the girl/edger. In addition, girls may also hold restaurant fundraisers where a percentage of the restaurant sales are donated to GSNI and credited toward the fundraising goal of the girl/edger.

Any money raised must be turned in to GSNI via a local GSNI Resource Center or to one of our Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts Event Managers. You can contact Nancy Ramos at 815-209-6550 or or Lynn Momberger at 815-209-6664 or for assistance!

If an edger has a fundraising page, all donations received by GSNI and credited toward a specific girl/edger will be reflected on that edger’s fundraising page. All fundraising pages of Girl Scouts girl members must be listed under the name of the adult who is responsible for the girl’s fundraising of direct requests for money. Girls are NOT allowed to make direct requests for money!

Girl Scouts are encouraged to share their own personal stories about why they are going Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts, why they are a Girl Scout, and the benefits they enjoy as a member. However, parents/adults must be the people who share the story and make direct requests for donations to the fundraising page through online donations, as well as through any other means of donation.

Girl Scouts who would like to participate in the quilt raffle ticket sale to raise money for their rappelling experience must have adults sell the tickets on their behalf. Girl Scouts are not allowed to sell raffle tickets directly. Money collected, along with the ticket contact stub, must be turned in to GSNI and will be credited to the girl/edger.

For more information or help with fundraising, don’t hesitate to contact our Over the Edge team at 1-844-476-4463 or

We’re so excited you’re going Over the Edge with us!

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JO Girl Scouts 170x300