Introducing the Thin Mint Sprint Wellness Challenge!
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Introducing the Thin Mint Sprint Wellness Challenge!


In 2017, GSNI CEO Fiona Cummings was eagerly looking for ways to get more people involved with GSNI’s 13th Annual Thin Mint Sprint. Since she wanted to become more active herself, she decided to offer up a “Faster than Fiona” fun patch. Girls who could complete the timed 2 Mile Run at the event faster than she did would receive a fun patch and bragging rights to being “Faster than Fiona”.

However, she wanted to make it a challenge for girls! She joined her local YMCA and began working with a trainer twice a week. She found joining an organization and working with a trainer kept her accountable to exercise regularly. Trainers also helped her do exercises correctly and pushed her beyond what she would have done herself.

When it came time for the Thin Mint Sprint, she ran and did much better than she would have without the training! Quite a few of the girls were surprised at how fast Fiona actually was!

After her first year, she learned running was hard on her physically. So, she began training for speed walking and discovered taking longer strides and walking faster was much better for her body. The second year of “Faster than Fiona” found her speed walking her way to the finish line—with a finish line time that beat her time (when she was running!) from the year before! By accepting her limitations of not being a runner but pushing them to include speed walking, she found the ideal way to meeting her healthy activity goals!

The Thin Mint Sprint helped her become more active, and she was inspired to make some long-lasting changes to her health goals, such as speed walking on her own and managing her diet. Her favorite discovery has been how much she enjoys hiking! She joined several hiking meet-up groups, especially tailored to speed walking, which she does consistently once or twice a week. She likes hiking in a group better than on her own, and she has a great time meeting new people and seeing new scenic sites in her area! She still works out with a trainer, realizing that the cost of this now is an investment in her future health and pocket book.

She’s excited her investments are already paying off in benefits for her future health! She’s lost twenty pounds by exercising and eating healthy with her app-based food management which features psychological tips, small groups, real person check-ins, and an online support group.

Fiona says, “I want to enjoy my time with Girl Scouts! As CEO, I want to be an example to the girls and try to keep up with them—as much as I can. When I realized how much the Thin Mint Sprint had changed my life, I wanted to spread the word to other Girl Scout adults, like our leaders, our parents, and our families!”

Inspired by what she calls “the Thin Mint Sprint effect”, she began looking for local partners who could potentially sponsor more adult entries into the 15th Annual Thin Mint Sprint, making the event more affordable for adults who want to improve their health like she did.

Today, we’re excited to announce a joint partnership with the Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD)—the Thin Mint Sprint Wellness Challenge! Each week, we’ll be posting health and wellness information from WCHD and encouraging adults (and kids!) to set a health and wellness goal to achieve by the Thin Mint Sprint on September 21! Check out our Thin Mint Sprint Wellness Challenge goal sheet here to get started!

Adults who reach their GSNI Thin Mint Sprint Wellness Challenge goal will receive one free adult entry into their choice of either the 2019 Thin Mint Sprint 2 Mile Walk, 2 Mile Run, or 8K Run, provided by WCHD. Adults who meet their goals may only use the earned free entry for themselves.

Children who reach their GSNI Thin Mint Sprint Wellness Challenge goal will receive a free “I Met My Goal!” fun patch with their paid registration and participation in Thin Mint Sprint. Children do not receive a free entry to the Thin Mint Sprint as part of this initiative. All goals will be accepted on the honor system. Children must participate in the 2019 Thin Mint Sprint 2 Mile Walk, 2 Mile Run, or 8K Run to receive their free patch. Patches will be mailed after the event.

To claim rewards for reaching your goal, please contact Nancy Ramos at or 815-209-6550.

To register for the Thin Mint Sprint, click here! For more information on the Thin Mint Sprint Wellness Challenge, contact Customer Care at or call 1-844-GSNI-4-ME (1-844-476-4463).

Disclaimers: Since GSNI is not a healthcare organization, if you have questions about setting health goals or your own health and wellness, please contact a health care professional. GSNI does reserve the right to limit the number of free Thin Mint Sprint entries awarded, based on funding support, with priority given to GSNI members and their families.