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Campsite Reservations Update


With immediate effect, it will no longer be possible for third party organizations to reserve or use any part of Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois’ (GSNI) four camps: Dean, Far Horizons, Mary Ann Beebe Center and McCormick. A third party would be considered any non-Girl Scout group. We are happy to report a significant increase in usage from our own members, which is leading to tight capacity. Additionally, we will soon begin phased construction work at our camps as part of our Long Range Property Plan, which will further limit availability and capacity from time to time, but will lead to great improvements in our year round capacity to accommodate our members and provide more indoor and outdoor activities.  

So what does this mean? If you are a GSNI troop or Service Unit or adult member group needing camp for trainings or similar events, you can continue to book all or part of our camps up to a year in advance, as you have always been able to do. Please note that in the case that construction work may be happening at the camp or unit you have reserved, we will work with you to reduce the impact. In rare cases, we may need to ask you to re-book to a different date or location.  We may also have certain parts of camp un-reservable for the time period you seek because of planned work.

No volunteer member of any Girl Scout Council is permitted to book, reserve, pay on behalf of or bring other youth organizations to camp. Any youth using our camps must be a member of Girl Scouts and adults who accompany Girl Scouts to camp should mostly be members themselves (see Volunteer Essentials or speak to Customer Care for further information). Why is this? It is our members, through their participation in the cookie program and fall product program, who are substantially contributing towards the fixed costs of owning and running four camps. With capacity restraints, it is not fair that outside youth organizations who are not contributing in this way to the fixed costs of camp, get to benefit in the same way as our own Girl Scouts. Secondly, youth organizations who are not Girl Scouts but are booked as such are not covered by our insurance and expose GSNI to liability. Any youth organization that is booked in this way will be turned away upon arrival.

Council events which are open to the family and/or members of the public will be clearly identified as such in all communications.

Registered Girl Scouts from another Council will be able to book activities and accommodation up to 6 months in advance, together with all the benefits and caveats that members of our own Council have. Girl Scouts from outside our Councils pay a higher rate for many bookings.

There may be some occasions where we are able to accommodate other organizations, particularly school groups during the week. To begin the discussion, please speak to Customer Care at 1-844-GSNI-4-ME (1-844-476-4463) or email

Existing third party bookings will be honored, and those organizations will be contacted if their booking coincides with potential or actual construction work.

Girl Scout troops and groups can view the exciting adventures any of GSNI's four camps have to offer and make a reservation here.