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2017 August Volunteer Spotlight: Barb Lutz


By Kim French, GSNI Member Support Specialist

Congratulations to Barb Lutz who has been awarded GSNI’s Volunteer Spotlight for August 2017!

Barb has been a dedicated volunteer throughout her 34 years as a Girl Scout, including seven years as a girl member and 27 years as an adult volunteer. During this time, she has held many roles including troop leader for Troop 5146, Service Unit Manager for Stephenson County Service Unit 565, Fall Product Program Chair, Cookie Coordinator, On-Boarding Coach, Council Facilitator, Troop/Community Organizer, and participated in many other council and service unit committees.

Barb began helping her daughter’s Girl Scout Brownie troop years ago which led to her becoming a troop leader for the Junior Troop. She noted, “I have stayed on as a Junior troop leader in Rock City, Davis, and Dakota for well over 25 years now! I love this age group of fourth and fifth graders. They always want to do fun things and try new adventures!”

GSNI Member Support Specialist Michelle Wiederholtz nominated Barb. She says, “Barb steps up whenever she can to help other leaders and to help the council. She is kind, fair, and always has the best for Girl Scouts in mind. It has been a pleasure to work with her and see the wonderful impact she has in the lives of girls!”  

Over the years, this positive impact has culminated in Barb being nominated and awarded with GSNI’s Appreciation Pin, Honor Pin, and Thanks Badge.

Michelle also stated, “Within the service unit and her own troops, Barb provides many hands-on activities for girls. They have the experience of planning these themselves. She encourages the girls to be involved in every decision they make, from what badges they earn to where they visit to what service projects they participate in. This truly is a girl-led program!”

“The Three Processes are so important in everything, not just in Girl Scouts” Barb adds. “To let any child learn, give them the ability to lead others, and to do it in an environment that allows for everyone to feel good and not feel threatened. These are skills the girls will use the rest of their lives.”

Barb shared her favorite Girl Scout memories involve making friends. “I have the greatest adult Girl Scout friends, and we still get together on a regular basis just to see each other. I am even now seeing some of the children of my former Girl Scouts, and that is exciting!”

When asked why Barb volunteers and if she had any advice for others, she responded, “I believe in the Girl Scout Law and Promise. I love watching girls learn new things and to see the light bulb moment when things just click. I love working with fantastic girls and awesome adults!” As for advice, Barb believes, “Patience is a virtue! Girls need and look up to adults for guidance and support. Be the best role model you can be and love working the girls!”

Thanks to Barb for her years of volunteering and her continued dedication to make a difference!

GSNI wishes to thank Patty Donahue and Image Awards Engraving and Creative Keepsakes in Geneva, Illinois, for donating the tile trivet awards for our Volunteer Spotlight Program!