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How do we know Girl Scouting works? What kinds of benefits does Girl Scouts give to girls? How do we find out what parents and girls want out of Girl Scouts? These are the questions Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois answers each year with research and program evaluations.

Each spring, Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois sends out electronic surveys to parents of Girl Scouts and our Girl Scout volunteers. This research gives us valuable feedback that helps us offer the programs and trainings our members want. Your voice matters to us!

In 2015, we also conducted a Long Range Program Study to gather important information from our members and parents of non-Girl Scouts. We wanted to find out how to make our programs and properties even more exciting for girls and their parents. For a copy of the results, you can download it here: 2015 Long Range Program Study.

Girl Scouts of the USA also conducts their own research on topics important to girls and their families. To view this research, please visit the Girl Scout Research Institute Site.


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