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Give. Help. Repeat.

You are important to Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois (GSNI)!  Your generous support is essential to the continued success of our mission. Please know that you truly do make a difference!

We invite you to Give. Help. Repeat. Your ongoing contribution affords girls an opportunity to experience Girl Scouts, who may not otherwise be able to participate due to financial barriers. Girl Scouts provides a customizable experience for all girls, builds confidence and independence and gives girls a chance to learn the value of teamwork. Girl Scouts builds girls of confidence and character who will be prepared to advocate for themselves and go forward to make a difference in the world.

  • Pen

    Potted Pen

  • Knife

    $15/month ($180/year)
    Swiss Army Knife

    & Pen

  • Tumbler

    $20/month ($240/year)
    20 oz. hot/cold Flip 'n' Sip Vortex Tumbler
    Knife, & Pen

  • Lantern

    $1/day ($365/year)
    Camping Lantern
    Tumbler, Knife, & Pen

  • Tote

    $41.66/month ($500/year)
    USA-made Zippered Tote Bag
    Lantern, Tumbler, Knife, & Pen

Make your gifts go twice as far! Your generous financial support of GSNI helps us deliver leadership programs, equip troop leaders to provide the best experience for girls, and inspire girls in your neighborhood to make the world a better place. What if your donation could do even more? If your employer offers a matching gift to your donation, your contribution could double to help even more girls make wise choices through Girl Scouts.

Some employers will match your financial donation to a non-profit, while others will provide funds for the hours you spend volunteering. Is your employer one of them? Ask your company or check out a list here.

Your employer may also offer grants to employees who volunteer with a nonprofit organization. Ask your company, or check out a list here.

JO Girl Scouts 170x300
JO Girl Scouts 170x300