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Make an Impact

A world of opportunity and the opportunity to change the world—that’s what you give girls when you invest in Girl Scouts!  

When girls are given the opportunity, they can change the world!
From traveling abroad to running their own business to giving time
to community service projects, girls explore new opportunities and discover new passions through Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts become tomorrow's leaders.

Make your gifts go twice as far! Your generous financial support of GSNI helps us deliver leadership programs, equip troop leaders to provide the best experience for girls, and inspire girls in your neighborhood to make the world a better place. What if your donation could do even more? If your employer offers a matching gift to your donation, your contribution could double to help even more girls make wise choices through Girl Scouts.

Some employers will match your financial donation to a non-profit, while others will provide funds for the hours you spend volunteering. Is your employer one of them? Ask your company or check out a list here.

Your employer may also offer grants to employees who volunteer with a nonprofit organization. Ask your company, or check out a list here.

Ways to Give at GSNI:

Legacy Giving & Juliette Gordon Low Society

Girl Scouting is about visionary leadership.
Legacy giving is about making that vision last.

When you make a legacy gift to GSNI, you bestow the Girl Scouts Leadership Experience to future generations of girls.

Not only will your gift make a difference in the lives of our country's future leaders, but the best gift plans improve your financial and tax situation—often right away.

We invite you to explore the opportunities that combine your philanthropic giving with your financial needs and tax-planning strategies. Through creative gift planning, you can secure your own financial future, as well as ours.

Gifts of all sizes are important and welcomed by GSNI.  Disclosure of gift amount is not required. To design a gift that benefits the people and organizations you care about most, we recommend you obtain the professional counsel of an attorney who specializes in estate planning. We can work with your advisors to help you plan for tomorrow and receive maximum benefits today. Or access a wealth of additional information here

The Juliette Gordon Low Society was established to thank and honor friends of Girl Scouting who choose to make Girl Scouts part of their legacies and a beneficiary of their estate plans.

As a JGL Society member, you will receive special invitations during the year and will be listed as a Society member in select Girl Scout publications. You will also receive a special membership lapel pin. 

CLICK for a complete list of Juliette Gordon Low Society members.

CLICK for information on how to create a complimentary, customized, last will and testament, a no-obligation service provided by GSUSA.

Donate with DealAid

How to use DealAid and donate to GSNI:

SHOP: GSNI users can shop at using coupons to save money. When a coupon code or deal is used by someone shopping with DealAid, they generate commission that is paid by one of their partnered merchants. The commission amount varies depending on the merchant but is typically 1-6%.

PICK GSNI: Users select GSNI as their favorite non-profit organization while looking for discounts at DealAid will track the selection and when commission is generated, they attribute up to 50% of the amount to GSNI.

DONATIONS: DealAid sends out all funds raised for GSNI at the end of the following month (net 30). Payments denominated in local currencies are sent out via PayPal while Bitcoin is sent directly to registered addresses.

Click HERE to get started!

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