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Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts - June 4, 2022

Be FEARLESS! Go Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts! Push the limits of your comfort zone with this unique fundraising experience. No prior ropes experience is necessary, just a drive to make a difference. To raise funds, participants create a personal fundraising page where friends and family can securely donate to your rappel.

Ways to participate in 2022?

Rappel - Register and rappel the historical 8 story SupplyCore building in downtown Rockford. Raise $1,000 ($500 Girl Scouts) for GSNI Outreach Program. Registration fee goes towards your fundraising goal.

Toss Your Boss - Gather your co-workers and raise $1,000 to send your boss over the edge. Each additional $500 sends a co-worker over with them. 

Sponsor - Become a sponsor of this unique fundraiser and receive sponsor benefits. Sponsors receive rappel spots. 

Funds raised will support:

GSNI's Outreach program and every girl who wants to become a Girl Scout to have the best experience possible. The Outreach programs at GSNI are free to participants and are led by paid facilitators. Outreach programming focuses on activities that supplement girls’ educational experience at school and build social and emotional competence. In an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in throughout their lives.

Registration Information

Registration Form: I am ready to go Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts!
I would like more information about participating or volunteering!

Have questions or need more information?

Contact Customer Care at or 844-476-4463.

About GSNI Outreach Program

GSNI is committed to offering the Girl Scout leadership program to underserved girls. The outreach programs at GSNI are free to participants. Outreach troops meet during school lunch, immediately after school, at neighborhood community centers, and boys and girls clubs. Outreach programming focuses on Girl Scouts enrichment activities that supplement girls’ educational experience at school and build social and emotional competence. In an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world.

Outreach troops begin as staff led troops. Our hope is that parents will become involved and take over the leadership role of these troops. Without outreach troops 1,600 girls would not only miss out on the Girl Scout leadership program, but on the opportunity to develop qualities that will serve them all their lives- like strong values, a social conscience, and a conviction about their own potential and self-worth.

These girls are the heart of Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts. Join us in giving them the attention they deserve and access to Girl Scouts. 

Event Information

Who Can Participate?

Anyone, age 11 or older, weighing more than 100 lbs. can participate. Previous rappelling experience is not required. This event is open to the public, Girl Scouts. and their families.

How Do I Participate?

Step One: Complete the registration form above. Registration fee is $50. The registration fee is your first donation!

Step Two: Create your personal fundraising page and share with your friends and family. Ask them to help you reach your fundraising goal.

Step Three: Schedule your rappell and enjoy your adventure!

Toss the Boss Challenge!

Send your boss Over the Edge. Rally your team. Engage your coworkers for a great cause – raising $1,000 for Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois to Toss Your Boss Over the Edge. Each additional $500 sends a co-worker over the edge with the boss. Encourage other departments/teams within your company to help support this effort. Better yet, challenge another department to join the fun and Toss their Boss Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts.

All companies participating Toss Your Boss will be recognized on social media!

Corporate Teams

Expand your boundaries and take work relationships to the next level with an Over the Edge corporate charity challenge! No prior experience is necessary, just the drive to make a difference! As a team, set a fundraising goal. Every $1,000 raised sends a team member Over the Edge. Ask your company to support the team by donating a percentage of the goal or matching the amount the team raises. Register your team at Challenge other departments or divisions at your company to create a team or challenge friends at other companies to create a rival team and see who can send the most colleagues Over the Edge!

Family Teams

There are a number of ways families can create a team:
Adult & Girl Scout ( $1,500 goal)
Two sibling Girl Scouts ($1,000 goal)
Girl Scout & non-Girl Scout sibling ($1500 goal) 
Adult & non-Girl Scout family member ($1500 goal)

See Who Is Signed Up!

See who is already signed up and going Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts! Check out all our rapellers HERE.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship opportunities are available! Please contact Customer Care at or 844-476-4463.

Day of Event Information

Day of Event Information

Plan on spending an hour and half at the event. You will receive training on how to rappel from a certified Over the Edge technician. Invite your family and friends to watch your rappel from the viewing area.

Girl Scout Fundraising Guidelines

Wondering how Girl Scouts can fundraise for participation in our urban rappelling adventure at Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois! We’re here to help!

CLICK HERE for GSNI fundraising guidelines and more information.

2021 Sponsors:

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