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NEW! Reporting a Positive COVID 19 Test

All girl and volunteer health information is private and strictly confidential. 

In the event that a person who attends an in-person Girl Scout gathering receives a COVID-19 positive test result, we ask that the individual contact the volunteer in charge of the gathering (e.g. troop leader, or Service Unit Manager) directly.  The volunteer in charge should notify others who may have had exposure to the individual.

Volunteers must protect the identity and confidentiality of any individual with a positive test result while notifying others who may have been exposed to that individual. All health information is private/confidential to be shared only on a need to know basis.

At Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois (GSNI), there is nothing we take more seriously than the safety and wellbeing of our girls, volunteers, families, and council staff. As concern about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to grow, please know GSNI is working closely with federal, state, and local governments to monitor this situation and ensure local Girl Scout volunteers and members are prepared.

Latest announcement on GSNI's COVID-19 Response

We are offering some resources that girls, parents/caregivers, and volunteers can use at home. These activities can be done by members and non-members alike. We just want to make sure you're safe and still embracing the inquistive and learning spirit that all girls have.

En Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois (GSNI), no hay nada que tomemos más en serio que la seguridad y el bienestar de nuestras niñas, voluntarios, familias y personal del consejo. Como preocupación sobre el nuevo coronavirus (COVID-19) sigue creciendo, por favor sepa que GSNI está trabajando en estrecha colaboración con los gobiernos federales, estatales y locales para monitorear esta situación y asegurar que los voluntarios y miembros locales de Girl Scout están preparados.

Últimos anuncios sobre COVID-19 de GSNI

Estamos ofreciendo algunos recursos que las niñas, los padres/cuidadores y los voluntarios pueden usar en casa. Estas actividades pueden ser realizadas tanto por miembros como por no miembros de GSNI. Sólo queremos asegurarnos de que estén a salvo y siguán abrazando el espíritu de curiosidad y de aprendizaje que todas las niñas tienen. 



Resources for Girls/Recursos para las niñas


Girl Scout badges can be completed any time, and often from just about anywhere! Consider the option of earning a badge or two on your own or virtually as a troop during this time. The GSNI Girl Scout Shop is offering free shipping on all Girl Scout merchandise including badges.  See for details.

¡Insignias de Girl Scouts se pueden completar en cualquier momento, y a menudo desde casi cualquier lugar! Considere la opción de ganar una o dos insignias por su cuenta o virtualmente como una tropa durante este tiempo. Algunas actividades han sido traducidas al español, donde algunas actividades solo están disponibles en inglés.

GSNI Badge Activities/Actividades relacionadas con insignias de GSNI

GSNI has customized several badge activities for girls to do safely at home. Girls are welcome to work with their parents to complete activities for badges. Once a girl has completed the required badge requirements, parents are welcome to go to the GSNI's online store to purchase badges for their Girl Scout. Links to GSNI's online store is located at the end of each badge activity. 

GSNI ha personalizado varias insignias para que las niñas las hagan de forma segura en casa. Las niñas son bienvenidas a trabajar con sus padres para completar las actividades. Una vez que una niña ha completado los requisitos de insignia requeridos, los padres son bienvenidos a ir a la tienda en línea de la GSNI para comprar insignias para su Girl Scout. Los enlaces a la tienda en línea de GSNI se encuentran al final de cada actividad de la insignia.

* These resources have been developed by GSNI staff, using the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and often reference existing Girl Scout programming!

Daisy Badges/Insignias Daisy

Brownie Badges/Insignias Brownie

Junior Badges/Insignias Junior

Cadette Badges/Insignias Cadette

Ambassador Badges/Insignias de Ambassador 
Resources below are for Girl Scout Ambassadors to review for badge related activities. 

  • McHenry County College - College Readiness 
    •  The years after high school are an exciting time—you’re going out into the world and figuring out what your adult life is going to look like. Some people will go to college right after high school, and some will take different paths. If you’ve decided that college is the best choice for you and your family, you may be feeling both excited and overwhelmed. Simplify the college preparation process by tackling it step by step, and you’ll be ready to start your next chapter in no time! McHenry County College is here to help.  These resources can also help you fulfill earning the Girl Scout Ambassador College Knowledge Badge. 


GSNI's Guide to the Outdoors/Guía de GSNI para andar al aire libre

Girl Scouts love the outdoors! GSNI has created these Guides to the Outdoors for girls of all levels to continue enjoying the outdoors safely around their home. 

Girl Scout Daisy Guide to the Outdoors
Girl Scout Brownie Guide to the Outdoors 
Girl Scout Junior Guide to the Outdoors 
Girl Scout Cadette Guide to the Outdoors

GSNI Outdoor Challenge/Desafío al aire libre de GSNI

The Get Outdoors Challenge is open to current girl members. Girls should complete the total number of activities specified for their grade level from the activity list during the specific time period (fall/winter or spring/summer). 

Once you have finished the required amount of activities for your grade level send this form in to your troop leader or come to any Resource Center to purchase your patches! 

Center patch cost is $1.50
Seasonal rocker patches cost $1.00

Las niñas deben completar el número total de actividades especificadas para su nivel de grado de la lista de actividades durante el período de tiempo específico (otoño/invierno o primavera/verano). 

*These resources have been developed by GSNI staff, using the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and often reference existing Girl Scout programming!

Winter Outdoor Challenge - December 21, 2020 to March 20, 2021

Winter Outdoor Challenge – 

GSNI's The Great Girl Scout Sisterhood Search/¡La Gran Búsqueda de Hermanas de Girl Scouts!

The Great Girl Scout Sisterhood Search!

You’re invited to join the Great Girl Scout Sisterhood Search! Then, get creative! Color or customize your trefoil however you’d like. Then, simply cut out the trefoil and place in your window, so neighbors, friends, and Girl Scout sisters can see a proud Girl Scout lives in your house! You can make other shapes, like a vest, badge, or Girl Scout Cookie, with multiple trefoils. Take a photo in front of your creation and share it with us at We’ll be highlighting proud Girl Scouts on social media during this time of at-home Girl Scout adventures!

 Print the trefoil coloring sheet  here.

¡Te invitamos a unirte a la Gran Búsqueda de Hermanas de Girl Scouts!  Ahora, ¡sé creativo! Colorea o personaliza tu trébol como quieras. Luego, simplemente corta el trébol y colócalo en tu ventana, para que los vecinos, amigos y hermanas de Girl Scout puedan ver que una orgullosa Girl Scout vive en tu casa. Puedes hacer otras formas, como un chaleco, insignia o una galleta de Girl Scout, con múltiples tréboles. Toma una foto frente a tu creación y compártela con nosotros en ¡Destacaremos a las orgullosas Girl Scouts en las redes sociales durante este tiempo de aventuras de Girl Scouts en casa!

Imprime la hoja de trébol para colorear  aquí.

*These resources have been developed by GSNI staff, using the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and often reference existing Girl Scout programming!

GSNI's Virtual Facebook Troop/Tropa virtual de GSNI en Facebook

We’re excited to announce the launch of GSNI Virtual Troop! This private Facebook group offers free activities, videos, and fun, hands-on opportunities to keep GSNI Girl Scouts engaged and connected to their Girl Scout community! (Search for “GSNI Virtual Troop” on Facebook!) This group is open to registered GSNI adult members and GSNI girl members over the age of 13. Non-member parents or caregivers of girl members may also join!

Volunteer-developed Actvities/Actividades desarrolladas por voluntarios

Toilet Paper Tube Activities/Actividades de tubos de papel higiénico

Stores are selling out of toilet paper in record numbers. What is going to happen with all the leftover tubes? GSNI volunteer Michelle Rossi came up with some ideas for girls to do at home. Thanks Michelle!

Las tiendas se están vendiendo papel higiénico en números récord. ¿Qué va a pasar con todos los tubos sobrantes? La voluntaria de GSNI Michelle Rossi encontró algunas ideas para que las niñas las hagan en casa ¡Gracias Michelle!

Constellation Viewer/Constellation viewer

Leave No Trace/Leave no trace

*These resources have been developed by GSNI volunteers or official GSNI Preferred Partners. These activities have been approved by GSNI staff to ensure they are appropriate for the proposed age levels and can be completed at home or virtually!

Patch Programs from other Councils/Programas de parches de otros consejos

Check out these Girl Scout patch programs, virtual tours and other activities below that you can do from home!

We also recommend checking out patch programs and activities from many of our sister Girl Scout councils, including:

¡Echa un vistazo a estos programas de parches de Girl Scouts, tours virtuales y otras actividades a continuación que se pueden hacer desde casa! Estas actividades solo están disponibles en inglés.

También recomendamos revisar los programas de parches y actividades de muchos de nuestros consejos de Girl Scouts hermanas, incluyendo:


badge_32 LIFE SKILLS

*These resources have been developed by GSUSA or other Girl Scout councils across the country! We have reviewed all the posted activities to ensure they fully support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and are able to be completed either at home or virtually!

GSUSA Resources/Recursos GSUSA

GSUSA has launched their Girl Scouts at Home page with several resources and badge activities for girls to take part in. Check it out! 

GSUSA ha lanzado su página de Girl Scouts en casa, la página de inicio con varios recursos y actividades de insignia para que las niñas participen. ¡Mira esto!

Girl Scouts at Home/Girl Scouts en casa
Virtual Events Calendar

* Currently girl activities and resources are in English from GSUSA. Some resources for parents/caregivers and volunteers are in Spanish. Check the appropriate section on GSNI's GSNI at Home page to see these resources. 

* Actualmente, las actividades y recursos para niñas de GSUSA están en inglés. Algunos recursos para padres / cuidadores y voluntarios están en español. Consulte la sección correspondiente en la página GSNI de GSNI en Casa para ver estos recursos.

*These resources have been developed by GSUSA or other Girl Scout councils across the country! We have reviewed all the posted activities to ensure they fully support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and are able to be completed either at home or virtually!

Votes for Women Activities

We are happy to provide the resources from our popular Votes for Women virtual program for all girls to do! If you missed the original program, you'll be able to participate and complete the activities below. 

Check out all of the activities here.


Resources for Parents/Caregivers/Recursos para cuidadores


In today's world, Girl Scouts is unique because each girl can participate in a way that works for her and her family. As a Caregiver of a Girl Scout, GSNI wants to be sure that you are prepared with resources that help your Girl Scout grow and succeed on her Girl Scout journey. Here are some resources for you with more to come!

Resources for Juliette Parents
Parents of Juliette Girl Scouts are unique because you are guiding your Girl Scout on their Girl Scout journey. Here are some resources for you to guide your Girl Scout to accomplish her goals during this time. 
Resources for Girl Scout Parents/Recursos para padres de Girl Scouts

Parents are encouraged to check with their Girl Scout's Troop Leader to see if there is anything on the Troop's Volunteer Toolkit the girls can do during this time. Here are some other resources to help you at this time: 

Se alienta a los padres a consultar con su líder de tropa para ver si hay algo en el Volunteer Tool Kit de la tropa que las niñas pueden hacer durante este tiempo. Aquí hay algunos otros recursos para ayudarte en este momento:

Tenga en cuenta que no todos los recursos mencionados en esta página están en español.

  •  El recurso Keep Girl Scouts Going de GSUSA para padres - Tenga en cuenta que no todos los recursos mencionados están en español.
  •  La Guía de usuario de VTK Toolkit para padres -  Tenga en cuenta que no todos los recursos mencionados están en español.
  • Girl Scouts of the USA ha desarrollado un recurso útil para cómo hablar con tu niña sobre el -Coronavirus para ayudar a minimizar el estrés y la preocupación en la vida de tu Girl Scout y darle una sensación de calma y control. Ayude a sus hijos a sobrellevar la decepción frente al COVID-19.
  • Girl Scouts of the USA ha desarrollado varios recursos para ayudar a guiar a los padres y cuidadores durante este tiempo. Puedes encontrar estos recursos en tu página web For Parents and Families.
  • Sitio web de la CDC  
    La CDC está publicando sus últimas actualizaciones, consejos de salud e información de viaje específica del país.
  • Coronavirus Preguntas y Respuestas 
    La Organización Mundial de la Salud ha publicado útiles preguntas y respuestas que abordan muchas preguntas comunes sobre este virus.



Resources for Volunteers/Recursos para Voluntarios


GSNI has compiled some resources for volunteers to use during this time. We encourage all volunteers help guide girls virtually to achieve their goals in Girl Scouts. 

GSNI ha compilado algunos recursos para que los voluntarios los usen durante este tiempo. Animamos a todos los voluntarios a guiar a las niñas de forma virtual para lograr sus objetivos en Girl Scouts. 

Tenga en cuenta que no todos los recursos mencionados en esta página están en español.

Bridging Resources

Updated Resources Coming Spring of 2021

Here are some resources to help Troop Leaders guide girls to continue preparing to bridge to the next level of Girl Scouting.

  • What is Bridging/¡Gradúese al siguiente nivel de Girl Scouts!
  • GSUSA's Bridging Guide
  • What's Next Videos for Troop Leaders
  • Bridging Kit Flier

There is a Bridging Award associated with each level of Girl Scouting.  To earn the award you must complete one activity from the two bridging steps: Pass it on ! and Look Ahead! These steps can be found in the  GSUSA’s Bridging Guide (above) or in the  Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting for each level. 

Bridging Step 1: Pass It On! - All Levels

You may choose to complete Bridging Step 1: Pass It On! Virtually.  Just review the options and adapt to a virtual equivalent. For example in the Bridge to Brownie Award, one of the options is to -  Share an activity from a Girl Scout Journey the girls enjoyed. You could do this virtually by videotaping the girls telling about a Journey they earned and what they liked about it.  Then share the video with a younger troop.

Bridging Step 2: Look Ahead! Bridging to Brownies

For other opportunities to earn the Bridging Award, check out GSUSA's Virtual Event Calendar for Earning the Bridging to Brownies Award.

Bridging Step 2: Look Ahead! Bridging to Juniors

What to know what a Girl Scout Junior can do? Check out this video from Girl Scout Sofia to see what she loves doing as a Girl Scout Junior! 

For other opportunities to earn the Bridging Award, check out GSUSA's Virtual Event Calendar for Earning the Bridging to Juniors Award.


Bridging Step 2: Look Ahead! Bridging to Cadettes

For other opportunities to earn the Bridging Award, check out GSUSA's Virtual Event Calendar for Earning the Bridging to Cadettes Award.


Bridging Step 2: Look Ahead! Bridging to Seniors

For other opportunities to earn the Bridging Award, check out GSUSA's Virtual Event Calendar for Earning the Bridging to Seniors Award.


Bridging Step 2: Look Ahead! Bridging to Ambassadors

For other opportunities to earn the Bridging Award, check out GSUSA's Virtual Event Calendar for Earning the Bridging to Ambassadors Award.


Bridging to Adults

Did you graduate from high school this spring? Are you looking to continue your Girl Scout experience the fall as an adult? Look for opportunities to earn the Bridge to Adults Award, check out GSUSA's Virtual Event Calendar for Earn the Bridge to Adults Award.


GSUSA National Service Project
Citizen Science Project

How can you play a part in solving some of the biggest problems facing our planet? Enter citizen science, where volunteers help scientists collect data for their studies and experiments. Anyone can be a citizen scientist—all you need is curiosity and a willingness to help! 

This summer, your troop can contribute to important scientific research by participating in one of our Girl Scouts Give Back citizen science projects. We’ve partnered with SciStarter, an online citizen science community, to help get you going!

Instructions for Troop Leaders

Letter Writing

Girl Scouts have always stepped up in times of need and our current COVID-19 crisis is no different. We are proud of all that our service units, troops, staff and girls have done so far to support our community—and the world—during COVID-19. We are also proud to be a part of the larger Girl Scout Movement, which is serving our country and our world. Now, we are proud to share resources to engage in a Movement-wide letter writing campaign to support those in our community who need us most.

The idea is simple: Girls write letters to people in nursing homes, senior residences, and assisted living facilities, including the dedicated and heroic staff who are caring for them. This long-distance hug is a way to share your good thoughts with these vulnerable and loved community members.

Please visit for instructions on how to write and send letters, including a sample letter to include when you send your letters to a facility.

Share your story of letter writing with the greater Girl Scouts Movement by sharing on social media with #GirlScoutsGiveBack.

Don't forget to visit our Girl Scouts Give Back page and log the number of letters you send to add them to the national campaign. Let’s see how many letters of love and care our movement can send!

Letter Writing Instructions for Troop Leaders
Letter Writing Tips for Girls
Cover Letter to Facility- NSP Letter Writing

Mask Making

For our next national Girl Scouts Give Back service project, we’re excited to provide more opportunities for girls to start or continue making face masks that keep our communities safe and healthy! Check out the links below for instructions on how to make and donate masks, as well as how our national partnership with Feeding America, a network of food banks across the country, can help you distribute masks to those who need them.

Instructions for Troop Leaders
Instructions -How to Donate
Sample Letter to Food Bank

GSNI's Service Project Guidelines and ideas

As you know, the State of Illinois has extended the stay-at-home order through April 30, which means we all stay inside our homes as much as possible and avoid all non-essential travel or shopping trips. Because of this, GSNI has cancelled or postponed all in-person Girl Scout activities through April 30. This includes not just council activities but also all in-person activities at the service unit and troop levels.

We know it’s in our Girl Scout DNA to help in a time of crises. However, we want all Girl Scouts to stay safe and healthy at home. We ask that troops DO NOT plan any activities—including service project activities—that would require a girl or her family to leave their home. Planning and conducting activities virtually are completely acceptable and advised!

There are many ways girls can provide community support from home! Here are just a few examples of ways to provide service from home:

  • NEW Opportunity! We’re excited to share this opportunity! If you live in area where there is a Northwestern Medicine hospital, we’re happy to report the hospitals are accepting both homemade and virtual thank you notes for frontline healthcare staff!

    Homemade cards may be mailed to Northwestern Medicine, 300 Randall Road, Geneva, IL 60134. Virtual cards may be scanned or photographed and emailed to Karin is a GSNI Board Member and frontline healthcare professional. She and her team will distribute these thank you notes to hospitals across the Northwestern Medicine west region of GSNI’s service area.   Thank you, Karin!

  • Say thank you: By mail/email/video
  • Write a thank you note to healthcare providers, food bank volunteers, teachers, or your troop leader. NOTE: Check to see if the organization will accept the physical copy by MAIL or if you should scan/email them copies instead. Be creative and say thank you to anyone who is on the front lines helping keep everyone safe or supplied.
  • Reach out to senior citizens: By mail/email/video
    • Residences for seniors are closed to visitors, so elderly residents are lonely in our communities. Ask a nearby residency if they are accepting cards/pictures either physically mailed or scanned/emailed, or if they would accept video messages—you could sing a song or read a book. Maybe even set up a Zoom sing along!

Idea: For those with home mail delivery and mailing notes, disinfect your mailbox and leave a thank you note letting your letter carrier know your box has been disinfected and thank them for their continued postal service!

  • Be a Leader for Kids: By video
    • Use your virtual skills to teach a Girl Scout activity, badge, or Journey to share with others in your troop or community. Visit  on how to submit your video for inclusion on the website.
  • Share your commitment to staying home and encourage others to do the same.
  • Plan ahead: Plan a stay-at-home project you do now and deliver after the stay-at-home order has expired.

Please remember: Staying in keeps us all safe! 

Preferred Partner Resources

Check out these wonderful virtual programs from our Preferred Partners! 

Career and Interest Exploration

  • Microsoft is offering Virtual Workshops! They are offering public sessions or troop leaders can schedule a private session for their troop with 6 girls or more! Click here for more information! 
  • Napler Settlement is offering a digital lesson on Journaling
  • NIU STEM Outreach is offering resources for eLearning on all things Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math! 

Outdoor Activities and Adventure


Volunteer Developed Resource Guidelines

At GSNI, we believe we have the best volunteers in the world! We are so grateful for the outpouring of creative and enthusiastic ideas for keeping Juliette Low’s vision alive and thriving in this new reality! Thanks to our many committed volunteers, we have received an overwhelming response to our GSNI at Home webpage. We will do our best to share these ideas where they will most fully connect with our network of girls, families, and Girl Scout volunteers!

We do ask if you are submitting an idea that requires a social media or online presence to please title your idea as “Girl Scout Volunteer-led: Title of Your Idea” and not use “GSNI” or “Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois” in the title, due to official Girl Scout branding guidelines. So, for instance, “Girl Scout Volunteer-led Virtual Friendship Squeeze” as opposed to “GSNI Virtual Friendship Squeeze.” If you have any questions, please let us know at

Thank you for living the Girl Scout Promise and Law and helping the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to succeed!

¡En GSNI, creemos que tenemos los mejores voluntarios del mundo! ¡Estamos muy agradecidos por la efusión de ideas creativas y entusiastas para mantener viva y próspera la visión de Juliette Low en esta nueva realidad! Gracias a nuestros muchos voluntarios comprometidos, hemos recibido una respuesta abrumadora a nuestra página web GSNI at Home. ¡Haremos todo lo posible para compartir estas ideas donde se conectarán más plenamente con nuestra red de niñas, familias y voluntarios de Girl Scouts!

Le pedimos, si está enviando una idea que requiere una presencia en las redes sociales o en línea, para calificar su idea por favor titule como "Girl Scout Voluntario: Título de su idea" y no usar "GSNI" o "Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois" en el título, debido a las pautas oficiales de marca de Girl Scouts. Entonces, por ejemplo, "Apretón de amistad virtual liderado por voluntarios de Girl Scouts" en lugar de "Apretón de amistad virtual GSNI". Si tiene alguna pregunta, háganoslo saber en

¡Gracias por vivir la Promesa y la Ley de Girl Scouts y ayudar a que la Experiencia de Liderazgo de Girl Scouts tenga éxito!

Have a resource that you'd like to share? Use the form below to submit, and you just might find it on this page!

¿Tienes un recurso que te gustaría compartir? ¡Utiliza el siguiente formulario para enviarlo, y puede que lo encuentres en esta página!

Your name
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