Why Attend The Girl Scout Volunteer Experience?


The Girl Scout Volunteer Experience, a series of trainings by Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois, is being offered throughout the end of July and the start of August. Attending this event will  ensure you are all ready to go for the 2013 – 2014 membership year.


We thought it would be great for you to hear from some GSNI volunteers about the benefits of attending a Girl Scout volunteer training session.


"I have attended many [Girl Scout] trainings, and I always come away with something valuable that will help me with my troop.  It may not even have been related to the training topic.  Through the other volunteers at the trainings, there is always comments and sharing.  I may learn something that helps with troop management, a craft or a song, tips for badgework or field trips.  Every training expands my resources which makes working with the girls so much easier and exciting."
Margie, GSNI Volunteer


"I was so excited to take the Girl Scout Here to There training because I have struggled with Journey books and wanted help figuring it all out. The Here to There training showed me how everything (including the Girls Guide to GS)  pieces together.   It also helped me connect with other Leaders around the Council and share ideas."
Marge, GSNI Volunteer


"It is always great having other volunteers together at trainings because we share ideas and helps me think outside the box! " 
Rebecca, GSNI Volunteer


"What I gained from attending a Girl Scout volunteer training was confidence to know that there were other volunteers willing to share their knowledge.  When I received outdoor training, I learned a lot about how to attend a fire and how to put it out which is valuable life lesson that I can pass down to my girls.  When I attended the new Journey training, I received [information and resources to share] to help me give a valuable meeting to the girls. "
Alma, GSNI Volunteer


We hope that by hearing from this group of volunteers you have a better understanding of the impact attending The Girl Scout Volunteer Experience can have for your Girl Scouts this year. For details on what is being offered and for registration information, please visit http://www.girlscoutsni.org/gsve. Hope to see you there!