What is the Emissary Network All About?


The GSNI Emissary Network provides girls with a chance to be in the spotlight. We asked some of our members to share what the program means to them. Today we have Amy Hoening talking about how the program has impacted her daughter, Grace.


Grace has enjoyed representing an organization that she believes in. She really liked the meal at Giovannis where she was able to lead people in a STEM project. She also liked being on the news. Most of all, whatever the assignment she just liked being an example of Girl Scouting.


As a parent, I have enjoyed the Emissary program. She was respected to be an 11 year old rep and not expected to be a polished, perfect presenter. It was a safe way to learn many leadership skills. It gave her confidence to speak to adults and share her passion for scouting.


I recommend the emissary program for girls that love being a scout and want to help others learn about scouting. They need parents that support them in the program. The emissary program is great for girl scouts of all ages and abilities. It is diverse with ways girls can represent scouts from promoting the cookie program to talking with community leaders to doing a photoshoot. Our year with the emissary program took us to groundbreaking of the new scout center, a donor lunch, to a 30 minute morning news show interview and volunteering at a local event. Through it all the girls are treated wonderfully and have the ability to grow in community relations skills and gain pride in scouting.


Interested in joining? We have Casting Calls coming up on August 9 and September 9. Click here for more information.