Troop 414 Thinks Pet Adoption is a Great Choice


bronze award troop 414


Troop 414 recently received the Girl Scout Bronze Award by completing a Take Action Project about pet adoption. Here’s what leader Mary Crow had to say about the experience:


The Juniors decided to make the community aware of pet adoption as an alternative to buying pets from breeders. They held a dog and cat food collection at school and two other local businesses. They created posters and flyers about the collection and about pet adoption. Then they went out to neighborhood parks and distributed the fliers to the community.

They understood by communicated directly with people of the community that word would spread about pet adoption. They know that there are many abandoned pets that need homes. In the future, they are considering fostering at pet and taking turns caring for it.


The Juniors feel that if most people know about pet adoption, their obvious choice would be to adopt a pet over “buying” one from a breeder. They believe there are a lot of caring individuals still out there and besides full breed dogs are expensive.


Congratulations to Troop 414 on their Take Action Project and spreading the word about pet adoption. For more information about the Girl Scout Bronze Award, visit our website, or contact Pam Schnecke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .