Troop #3127 Bully Booklets



For their Take Action Project, Troop #3127 made “Bully Booklets” to spread the word about ending bullying in school. Each girl presented the material in the form of a speech or skit to their classmates.  Then, they had their class sign the pledge at the back of the booklet. Troop #3127 was able to reach over 200 third grade students! Way to go girls!



For more information about anti-bullying programs through GSNI, contact Brooke Radford-Knight at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Here’s a transcription of what was in the book:


What is Bullying?


There are different kinds of bullying. Here are a few . . .


    1. VERBAL – this can be when you hurt someone’s feelings by teasing or making fun of them.
    2. PHYSICAL – this can be when you hurt someone’s body by pulling their hair or poking them or tripping them. It can also be when you damage something that is theirs just to be mean.
    3. SOCIAL – this can be when you don’t let someone play in your group or join your club on the playground or elsewhere.


What do you do if you think you are being bullied?


Do . . .


. . . Tell and adult what has happened.


. . . Stand up tall and proud and say in a strong voice to the bully “Leave me alone.”


. . . Stand up for yourself in a way that is respectful and not mean.


Don’t . . .


. . . Stay home from school because you feel hurt.


. . . Send a mean email or text message back to the bully.


. . . Threaten to get back at the bully.


It’s okay to feel angry after someone has hurt you but when you are mean or threatening back it is not okay. It just fuels the bully’s fire.


How to be friendly and helpful . . .

    • Be honest.
    • Be a good listener.
    • Stick up for your friends when you hear someone is saying mean things about them.
    • Work out your problems with your friends by talking about it with each other.
    • When you hurt someone’s feelings, say you’re sorry.
    • Keep your friends personal information private.
    • Compliment your friends.
    • Disagree with your friends when they cut themselves down.
    • If you see someone drop their books or papers, help them pick it up.
    • Don’t laugh or poke fun at anyone.


No one should be bullied for being different. Everyone is different. It’s called being unique. It’s what makes us all so interesting. Stand up for those who are different because the world would be a boring place without them.


S.H.I.N.E. Pledge


I will Stand up to put-downs


Help others who are being bullied


Inform adults when I need to


Never use my cell phone or computer to hurt others




Encourage my friends to stand up against bullying too.


I promise to stand strong, speak out, and be a good friend.


I will let my inner star shine.


Thoughtfully created by Girl Scout Troop # 3127
Teagan, Brittni, Kayla, Alyssa, McKenzie, Tally, Paige, Makenna, Haley, Cassidy, Keirney, Mrs. Marge and Mrs. Amanda