STEM Events in Aurora


Get Making with Get Moving:

Makers like making things they're excited about— whether it's a craft, a piece of furniture, a robot, or a computer program. They like exploring new and different materials to
see what they can come up with and recycling old materials to give them a new life.


Makers like to tinker, take things apart, and try and put them back together again in new ways. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. It doesn't matter! What's important is that they try new ideas, learn from their experiences, and have fun while doing it.


Making is social. Makers like to engage with others, share their ideas, and learn by doing. Makers like to solve problems, and they like to make the world better. Sounds like Girl Scouts!


Who: Girls in grades 4-8
Dates, Time: June 16-18, 2 — 4 p.m. and June 19, 3:30 — 5 p.m.
Location: Aurora Township Youth Center; 313 Gale Street, Aurora, IL
Min/Max: 30


Aurora Township Staff Contact: Sarah Paul, 630-859-7501


GSNI Staff Contact: Katie Sullivan, 847-741-5521, Ext. 7137


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