News about Girl Scout Cookies 2014-2015


Below is a statement from, GSNI CEO, Vicki Wright regarding the 2014-2015 Cookie Program:

Thank you for your support of the Girl Scout Cookie Program during 2013. As many of you know, 2013 was the last year of our contract with Little Brownie Bakers. While it is widely acknowledged that both bakers offer excellent service support and provide high quality cookies for Girl Scout councils, in choosing a baker GSNI must consider all key factors. These include business and financial elements, product familiarity and troop learning curve. This being done, we are pleased to report that Little Brownie Bakers will be GSNI’s baker partner for the 2014 and 2015 cookie seasons. After the completion of the 2015 cookie sale, an evaluation of cookie program results over the past 5 years will be conducted, licensed bakers’ business proposals will be vetted, and GSNI’s baker partner—commencing with the 2016 sale—will be selected. Please remember that the main reason our customers purchase Girl Scout Cookies is to support our program and to empower girls with the strengths, abilities, and drive to become confident and accomplished women who make the world a better place.