Lexi Shares a Girl Scout Memory


Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois Emissary, Lexi shares a proud Girl Scout memory with all of our readers.


When I was a first grade Daisy scout, we planned a visit to the Senior Center near Christmas time.  This was one of the first events our troop did together.  We were all very excited about it and could hardly stop talking once we got there!   Visiting the Senior Center was an important event to me in Girl Scouts because we got to sing carols, and all the people came out to watch us. We played board games with them and made them each a Christmas pin.  All of the girls got to play games with the residents.  I was glad that I got to help make them happy for Christmas.  We have done a lot of other events, but this was one of my favorites, and I'll never forget our first Girl Scout troop event!


This year in Girl Scouts, I can't wait to save up money so we can take a trip to White Pines Horse camp!  Our troop wants to save up money we earn selling cookies and fall product, so that we can go to camp!  I really enjoy camping in the "wilderness".  We have camped as a troop a few times, and have had so much fun.  We can't wait for our next trip!




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