It’s Fun!


Where can you play tag with dye and decorate your buddy’s shirt while they’re wearing it? CAMP! Where will you see adults standing in front of a group wearing their bathing suit over their clothes with silly striped knee high socks and singing “The Penguin Song”? CAMP! Where can you try canoeing, crate stacking, archery, and the perfect s’more? CAMP! Where will you develop life skills including problem solving, conflict management, and teambuilding? CAMP!


At camp, girls will be presented with so many fun opportunities—they won’t want to go home! Campers experience endless hours of activities including swimming, art and crafts, hiking, nature exploration, canoeing and kayaking, outdoor cooking, evening campfires, and beyond. It’s never a dull moment at camp with so many activities to choose from!


Don’t miss out on summer camp 2014! We have so many programs for girls to choose from including:


Camp is a great place to meet new people who have similar interests. Click here to view camp sessions. Don’t delay; sign up today!

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