How Cookie Club Can Boost Cookie Sales


Don't let the cold weather stop your girls from meeting their goals! Cookie Club is the fastest, easiest way for girls to reach high goals. This password protected website specially designed for girls, makes it safe for them to send emails asking for cookie promises or online cookie orders. Cookie Club helps girls reach their goals, find new customers, involve family members and achieve higher cookie sales!

What is the Cookie Club?


The Cookie Club is an online website where girls can go to:

  •  Learn about goals and selling tips
  • Set selling and personal goals
  • Track their progress
  • Record their customer lists so they can be saved and reused each Cookie Program
  • Ask family and friends for a promise of cookies


Girls who asked family and friends through Cookie Club had on average 6 boxes of cookies per order! That's almost double what they receive going door-to-door!


Troop Leaders or Cookie Chairs will need to set up the troop Cookie Club page, give the girls access to the site and let them know what their ID and password are.


For more information on Cookie Club, please contact GSNI's Cookie Hotline at 847-741-5521, Ext. 7250.