Daisy’s Pearls: How Troop 5055 Celebrated Girl Scout Week


Today, Katie Reifsteck, leader of Troop 5055, shares the story of how Girl Scouts in her troop celebrated Girl Scout Week.


Our troop has 6 girls, all 4th graders. Each year we set aside time to talk about Girl Scouts, who we are and what we mean, what we can do in the world to make it a better place.


When we turned 100 years old we had a 100th birthday celebration that we opened up to all Girl Scouts young or old in our area. We meet many lifetime members some going 47+ years. We did crafts, sang songs, and posed for the local paper.


For our 101st birthday celebration we had a guest speaker "bunny" Linda Aspinwall a lifetime member come to our meeting. She taught us songs, games, learned how Girl Scouts were when she was a kid. We said the Girl Scout Promise together and had birthday cake. We all had fun and enjoyed ourselves.


This year we worked out our cooking badge. Our girls learned about kitchen safety, prepared three meals and a dessert (birthday brownies) and much more. We sang happy birthday to each other and then ate our brownies with caramel with fresh fruit on top.


When our girls we eating their dessert we once again talked about Juliette Low. We did a review and "tested" the girls on what they remember from years before. One of the scouts remembered the pearls story. Little did the girls know the next morning when they arrived to school there would be their very own set of pearls waiting for them.


My co-leader and I believe that our girls are our future. What better way to honor our future than to remember our past. Juliette Low sold her pearl necklace to invest in something she believed in. And we believe in our girls. If they put their mind to it, we believe there is nothing they cannot do. Their pearl necklaces are more then just a pretty jewelry, they are a sign to say to them we believe in them, and we will invest in them. I believe Daisy would be proud of each one of our scouts. I know I am.

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