Community Partners Honored at 2013 Annual Meeting


On Saturday, April 27, 2013, the Annual Meeting of GSNI was held. New Board members were inducted, Volunteers were recognized for their hard work, and businesses in the community were honored for their support of our organization. Thank you to Bartlett Nature Center, Elgin United School District U-46 – English Language Learners, O’Mara Moving and Storage, Rockford School District, The United Way of Rock River Valley, and Woodward, Inc.


Bartlett Nature Center, under the leadership of Dan Mitchell, has been one of our Preferred Partners in assisting our outdoor education programs for a number of years. They support not only council-sponsored programming but also support the local service unit. Helping our girls learn to love, appreciate and take care of our natural world and environment is a critical part of Girl Scouting.


We have been working with Gina Crespo and the U46 English Language Learners for the past two years in expanding our efforts to better serve the Hispanic community in Elgin. Our partnership has resulted in three specific program successes. One success was the Imagine STEM Program at Elgin High School. The school serves girls from Elgin, Streamwood and Larkin High Schools during the 2012 membership year. Our program reached approcimentally 100 girls this year. Our TechBridge STEM program at Canton Middle and Ellis Middle during 2013 membership year served 30 girls over the 2012 membership year. And finally, our aMAZE! Anti-Bullying program at Ellis Middle School during the 2013 membership year served 20+ girls. We look forward to continuing and expanding this wonderful partnership.


Shawn and the team at O’Mara have been working with the Girl Scout Cookie program for 40 years. That’s a lot of cookies that they have helped move so that girls could make their deliveries. They are always reliable, creative and willing to do absolutely whatever is needed to assure that we have cookies where we need them and when we need them. And last year, when it came time to move the Rockford office, they were right there helping us move to our new location without a glitch. Their commitment Girl Scouts and providing excellent service and cooperation is exceptional.


The United Way of Rock River Valley has been a strong and significant partner with Girl Scouts since this United Way was formed. It is also our largest United Way, currently funding the council with over $90,000. This past year when it became apparent to us that we could not fulfill the obligation of an outreach grant from this United Way, we approached them about the possibility of redirecting the funds. With their flexibility, they were one of the first new funding sources for the aMAZE! Journey program with the Rockford Public School District. Their willingness and flexibility to partner with us in serving girls in the Rockford area is to be commended and should be recognized.


For many years, Woodward has been a significant contributor to Girl Scouts both with financial support as well as volunteer support. Their focus for the contributions has been Camp McCormick. Their employees have contributed time working on projects at camps, which is much appreciated. Over the past two years, they have funded new metal roofs for our platform tents & buildings as well as new windows for the dining hall. Their continued support of Girl Scout camp is extraordinary and commendable.


Thanks again to all of our Community Partners for all you do to support our programs.