A Thank You from Olivia Dvorak


Singer-Songwriter Olivia Dvorak was the keynote speaker at this year's Young Women of Distinction Event on June 8, 2014. She was so inspired by the event that she wanted to write a thank you to the girls who were honored. She wrote:


Hi Ladies,

I want to thank all of you for letting me be a part of the Girl Scout’s ceremony last Sunday. Having the chance speak to you about my career as a recording artist and songwriter was such a privilege. I hope that you were encouraged to pursue your dreams, whether you are a Brownie, or graduating with a gold award. All of you have an incredible work ethic, knowledge, and passion for what you do, and that alone inspired me to keep growing as a person and in my profession. I wouldn’t be able to write songs and take on the music industry without your help and support, and I know that you will also surround yourselves with people who will stand beside you and push you to your full potential. Thank you for letting me share my songs with you! I am excited to know that we will be racing towards different dreams with the same goal of making an impression on something we feel passionately about.

All the best,

Olivia Dvorak


Our thanks also goes out to Olivia for being a part of this special day. 

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