A Camp Thank You from Uganda


GSNI recently received a thank you from the mother of Kesiime, a Girl Guide from Uganada who spent part of her summer at camp with GSNI. We wanted to share her words with you.


Kesiime absolutely loved both day camp and her overnight camp with the Girl Scouts! She says she wants to go again next year!


Thank you, thank you, for giving my daughter an experience she will never forget… learning what it means to be a “real” Girl Scout, making friends, learning to respect and enjoy nature, learning new games, sports and other things, learning about American life; and all the unknowns that I don’t know about but I can hear in her voice.


When I sent the original emails out, it was with hope but I was not expecting much, plus the expense was overwhelming when I added all the activities up. In addition, this was my first time sending Kesiime alone across the world. Thank you for changing my opinion about these interactions! Thank you for reminding me that the world is small and kind. This was a big deal for me as well.


It’s because of you all and because of all your kindness, help and support with emails, financial aid, communication, and everything else... words cannot express my thankfulness. You have all played a part in making my daughter have a fantastic summer holiday in Illinois.


GSNI is proud to help build a global community of Girl Scouts! 

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