This Will Be Her Best Summer Yet!

Remember that summer feeling—that feeling of freedom, excitement and possibility? You wanted to pack every moment with something fun. You defined your adventure, and it was awesome.This summer, let Girl Scouts be the gateway to that summer feeling for your girl. She’ll discover exciting activities with brand new friends. She’ll challenge her limits with supportive adults by her side. She’ll be the guide of her own adventure, finding fun around every corner.

We have many flexible options available and invite you to look over our Camphlet (Camp Pamphlet) with your camper to see how much adventure is ahead of her! We’ve come up with great themes for our 3, 6, or 10 day resident camp and day camp programs.

Your Girl Scout can continue the fun she had during this year by visiting camp during the summer! Troops can plan their own adventure, and rent a site at camp. Girls can plan lots of activities or just kick back and relax. For a pre-planned troop camping experience, stay tuned for more information on Troop Trek!


There are ways for you to join in the fun too! With our NEW travel options, adults can come along for adventure away from home. Also, family camps open camp up to everyone!

The possibilities are endless! Choose from any of our events or mix-and-match to create a custom summer experience. We even offer single-day events to fill your summer with fun! Check out all of the options at You’ll be amazed at the skills and confidence she’ll bring home. Summer is waiting—registration opens February 17!


Take a look around at the pages in this section for more information about what is going on at each of our five camps!