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A family that camps together, makes a s'more together!

Check out these family camp options:

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There's still time to add some fun into your summer! Don't miss out on these exciting summer events! 

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Are you going indoor camping this summer? Join us for an Indoor Overnights Training Webinar. Required for all adults wanting to take their girls on an overnight with modern facilities. You will explore the progression needed to ready girls for an overnight trip, when girls are emotionally and physically ready to spend the night away from home. You will discuss planning the trip, paperwork, safety and activities for girls in the outdoors. Log-in details will be sent via email.

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Get Making with Get Moving:

Makers like making things they're excited about— whether it's a craft, a piece of furniture, a robot, or a computer program. They like exploring new and different materials to
see what they can come up with and recycling old materials to give them a new life.

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Being away from home can be hard for anyone. Why not help your camper feel special during camp this summer and send her a Pamper Your Camper Kit from GSNI? There are two types of kits available, a standard kit and one to send if your Girl Scout is celebrating a birthday while at camp.

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