What to Expect from GSNI's Thin Mint Sprint


Today, Thin Mint Sprint Committee Member, Kristen N. Campbell shares what to expect while running races that are part of this year's 10th Annual Thin Mint Sprint.


What to expect when running the Trail Run:
1. Running, walking, climbing, jumping
2. Gravel, dirt and grass trail
3. Possible deer
4. Very large hills up AND down
5. Beautiful scenery and views of Camp
6. Water station strategically placed after very large UP hill
7. Smack in the face from a branch
8. High five from everyone that finished!

What to expect when running the 8K. . .after you’ve already done the Trail Run (aka Doing the Double!)
1. Smooth roads
2. Some hills, but nothing like the trail run
3. The Dixie Chicks “Wide Open Spaces” might start running thru your head
4. Tired legs – it’s tough to run a race, have your legs cool and then start running again
5. Feeling like a super athlete, see number 4
6. Feeling like a warrior once you finish – you’ll have run two races before noon!


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