Time’s Running Out for Discontinued Council’s Own Badges


Council's Own Badges are developed around particular themes in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. To earn the badges, girls are required to complete a number of activities for their level along with other activities involving the community. Council’s Own Badges are available to troops, groups and individually registered Girl Scouts.


The following Council’s Own Badges have been discontinued effective immediately! Quantities are available while supplies last.

  • Best Bones – Brownie, Junior & Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Levels
  • Illinois Violets – Brownie Level
  • Illinois Cardinal – Junior Level
  • Illinois Oak Leaf – Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Levels
  • Shopportunity – Junior & Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Levels
  • *Backyard Chicken Badge – Junior Level
  • *Diamond Badge – Brownie, Junior & Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Levels
  • *Trailblazer Badge – Brownie Level

* discontinued in 2013

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