The Passing of Margaret Gordon "Peggy" Seiler


GSNI is sad to hear about the passing of Juliette Gordon Low's niece, Margaret Gordon "Peggy" Seiler. Below is a statement from GSUSA National CEO, Anna Maria Chávez.


I am writing with sad news. Yesterday, I learned of the passing of Margaret Gordon "Peggy" Seiler, the niece of our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, who died on Saturday morning, July 7th, at her home in Virginia. She was 90 years old.


Peggy lived a long and blessed life. She was born in the same Savannah, Georgia home as her Aunt Juliette, and she remained an integral part of the "Birthplace" all her life; championing the Girl Scout spirit and epitomizing the Girl Scout Promise and Law with her dedication to our Movement and the issues she felt strongly about.


Like Juliette, Peggy was bold and audacious, determined to pave her own path and leave her world a better place than she found it. She graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1951 and served as the first female staff member of the Virginia Law Review. She practiced law in Washington, D.C. and later served as legal counsel to the New Jersey Commission on Children and Youth.


I had the pleasure of meeting Peggy during the 100th anniversary celebration of our Movement in Savannah. Her support for Girl Scouting and pride in the legacy of Juliette were evident, and reminded me once again how lucky we are to be a part of this incredible Movement and to work every day on behalf of girls. I know many of you have also had the opportunity to meet Peggy over the years, and to be inspired by her passion while absorbing the history of Girl Scouting through this remarkable woman.


Peggy is survived by her husband of over 60 years, the Rev. Robert S. Seiler; and their children, Robert S. "Robin" Seiler Jr., Margaret M. Seiler, and Louise G. Seiler; daughter-in-law, Lisa Seiler; and son-in-law, Hovey Brock; grandchildren Diana and Robbie Seiler and Livia and Lucy Brock; and many nieces and nephews.


Our Movement has lost one of its true champions – a woman who connected us with our past and helped create our present. We honor Peggy and her memory by continuing the work of her Aunt Juliette, unlocking the leadership potential of girls throughout our country and across the globe who, like Peggy, Juliette, and generations of Girl Scouts, will make our world a better place.

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