Get to Know GSNI – Kari Henneken

Kari Henneken
Communications Assistant
Elgin Service Center
847-741-5521, Ext. 7136
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GSNI’s Communications Department works to spread the word about the Girl Scout mission and our Girl Scouts—all the things they accomplish, as well as all the things GSNI makes available to them. Making sure that is done in the most effective and impressive manner is what we’re all about! In accomplishing that, we have the wonderful opportunity to interface with every department in GSNI. 
As a department assistant, mine is more of an internal, behind-the-scenes position. Overall, I strive to help my communications teammates keep all the things we do as organized as possible. I edit public-facing forms and documents, write the monthly staff newsletter, provide temporary business cards and notepaper to new staff members, and act as the mail clerk at the Elgin Service Center. 
Some of my favorite things about my job include creating forms and organizational Excel spreadsheets, and editing documents to eliminate layout, typographical, and branding errors. Being an avid reader, I’ve been an ‘editor’ for most of my life!
I enjoy working for Girl Scouts, because I am so impressed with the Girl Scout Mission! I wish this opportunity had been available to me as a girl, because I’m sure the confidence instilled would have been beneficial. For that same reason, I am glad Girl Scouts strives to provide as many girls as possible with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience!
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