Change the Life of Girl Scout and Donate to GSNI’s Campership Program


Dedicated volunteer and Girl Scout mom, Aimey C. recently won the $100 gift certificate to Girl Scouts after taking our 2014 Parent and Volunteer Survey online. Aimey and her family had benefitted from program assistance from GSNI in the past, and like any Girl Scout would do, she wanted to pay it forward. Aimey donated her gift certificate to be used as a Campership for a girl in need in her area. Thanks Aimey! If you would like to help a girl near you go to camp this summer, make a donation to camperships here.

Our Girl Scout family believes that camp is for every girl. And yet, affording Girl Scout Camp is not possible for all girls, even though our council subsidizes the costs for every girl. Last year, we distributed over $10,000 in financial assistance to give more girls the opportunity to receive the great benefits of summer camp. We need your help to make this possible.

Please consider making a gift today to our Campership Fund. Any amount will make a difference. Your gift of:

  • $35 will give a girl a day at camp
  • $125 will provide half a scholarship for a girl to attend camp
  • $250 will provide a full scholarship for one more girl to attend camp
  • $500 will send two more girls to camp this year
  • $1,500 will sponsor an entire cabin of girls


By donating today to our 2014 Campership Fund, you are giving more girls the leadership and confidence-building benefits of Girl Scout camp. More girls will develop teamwork skills canoeing at Camp Dean. More girls will share a song with their new best friends over a campfire. Your gift will help her discover that anything is possible.
Please make your gift today and make it possible for one more girl to have a life-changing experience that will open her eyes to her potential.


Interested in attending one of our camps this summer? Camp registration is open! Take look at the great programs we have to offer and register today!

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