Be a National Council Delegate


Every three years, Girl Scouts gather together at the National Council Session and Convention to reinvigorate the Girl Scout Movement, celebrate accomplishments, and chart the future. The 2014 National Council Session/53rd Convention will be held October 16–19, 2014, in Salt Lake City, Utah.


GSNI is seeking candidates for the position of 2014-2017 National Council Delegate to represent GSNI at the National Council Session. Applicants must be Girl Scout adults or girl members at least 14 years of age or older.


1. In advance of the National Council Session, each individual elected by the council as a voting member/delegate to the National Council takes personal responsibility to:

  • Study all items on the agenda, including background information, and recommendations of the National Board of Directors.
  •  Attend briefing meetings conducted by the council; participate in council, board, and association meetings; and participate in council forums and focus groups, as requested.
  • Obtain a broad array of the opinions of adult members and Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors from all parts of the council.
  • Participate in teleconferences for voting members, sponsored by the national organization.
  • Engage in opportunities to discuss, learn, and share ideas across the Movement.

2. While attending the National Council Session, each voting member is responsible for:

  • Attending all business meetings and participating in the proceedings.
  • Being fully prepared to participate in discussion and vote on all business items.

3 Upon returning from the National Council Session, each National Council voting member/delegate is prepared to:

  •  Report at the council's annual meeting, to the council board of directors, and the council's constituency (if requested by council Board Chair/president and CEO) on the National Council decisions and the reasons for such decisions.
  • Share insights on information gained at the National Council Session, if requested.
  • Assist the council as it prepares to participate in the next National Council Session, if requested.
  • Participate in teleconferences and other opportunities for voting members/delegates.


For more information about this opportunity, click here to download our information packet.

For an application, click here. All applications are due February 7, 2014.

If you have questions, please contact Stephanie Scott at 847-741-5521, Ext. 7157 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .