A Bronze Award Project: Friendship Inside Out! Keep the Chain Reaction Going!


GSNI Troop 5302 completed their Bronze Award with their Take Action Project: Friendship Inside Out! Keep the Chain Reaction Going. Troop Leader, Jenna Leverton, describes their project:


"Many of the girls in this troop have been a victim of bullying, so they decided to do something about it! They started with a chain of kindness at school. They made posters to put in every classroom. When someone witnessed a random act of kindness, they would take a slip of paper from the poster, write down what they saw and return it to the poster. The girls then collected the slips of paper weekly and made them into a chain link that was displayed in the school. Their peers really took to the idea and as of today there have been 742 random acts of kindness witnessed!

The girls understood that being kind was the first step to knocking out bullying, but they wanted to do more, so they came up with a fun way to educate and inspire others to be kind, stop bullying and choose friendship from the inside out. The girls put together a video that has inspiring music, facts about bullying, examples of bullying, examples of friendship from the inside out and inspiring quotes. It look several months and a lot of hard work. The girls learned so much about the bullying issues in their school and community and ways to make a difference and get others involved. They also learned a lot about themselves, each other and teamwork."


Take a moment and watch their video


To read more about this project, check out the article written by the Prairie Advocate news, here: http://www.prairie-advocate-news.com/12-12-12/racked12_12_12.html.


Congratulations Troop 5302! The work you are doing makes an impact in the community around you! Great job!