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Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois will host a VolunTEA Party on Saturday, May 17, from 2–4 p.m., at YWCA of Rockford, 4990 E. State St., in Rockford. This free, informational gathering is open to the public and designed to highlight unique volunteer opportunities with the organization. The event is designed to match up potential volunteers' specific skill sets—such as event planning, trip coordination, and mentoring—with girls and adult teams that would benefit from their expertise.

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A day a Great America is always a good time. This year, the amusement park is hosting four Girl Scout Days:

  • Saturday, June 21, 2014
  • Sunday, June 22, 2014
  • Saturday, July 19, 2014
  • Sunday, July 20, 2014
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At Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois, we recognize that adults enjoy collecting patches along with the girls and we are now making a vest available to display your patches. However, we do want you to be aware of the following:

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Don't miss these exciting programs! 

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Dedicated volunteer and Girl Scout mom, Aimey C. recently won the $100 gift certificate to Girl Scouts after taking our 2014 Parent and Volunteer Survey online. Aimey and her family had benefitted from program assistance from GSNI in the past, and like any Girl Scout would do, she wanted to pay it forward. Aimey donated her gift certificate to be used as a Campership for a girl in need in her area. Thanks Aimey! If you would like to help a girl near you go to camp this summer, make a donation to camperships here.

Our Girl Scout family believes that camp is for every girl. And yet, affording Girl Scout Camp is not possible for all girls, even though our council subsidizes the costs for every girl. Last year, we distributed over $10,000 in financial assistance to give more girls the opportunity to receive the great benefits of summer camp. We need your help to make this possible.

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